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Tati’s Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes

In Tati’s latest video, she presents her highly anticipated ranking of eyeshadow palettes. From best to worst, Tati dives into the world of new releases, discussing her thoughts on each palette’s quality and performance. She also invites viewers to share their favorite eyeshadow palettes and suggestions for future tests. With Tati’s signature friendly tone and expertise, this video is a must-watch for makeup enthusiasts looking for honest reviews and recommendations.

Titled “Tati’s Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes,” this video covers an extensive range of brands and prices. Tati shares her love for Huda Beauty products, particularly their powders and larger palettes, while also recommending other brands like Sigma, Actias Luna, Mellow Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution, Cleo, Urban Decay, Catrice, and Natasha Denona. With candid opinions and helpful insights, Tati provides valuable guidance for anyone seeking new additions to their eyeshadow collection.

Tatis Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes

Tati’s Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes

Introduction to Tati’s video

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! Welcome to Tati’s ultimate ranking of eyeshadow palettes! If you’re looking for some honest opinions and in-depth reviews, you’re in the right place. Join me as we dive into the world of eyeshadow palettes and discover which ones truly shine.

Eyeshadow palettes mentioned by Tati

Throughout her video, Tati mentions a wide range of eyeshadow palettes that have caught her attention. From luxurious high-end brands to more affordable options, she covers all bases. So, no matter your budget, there’s something for everyone to explore.

Tati’s thoughts on the quality and performance

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, quality and performance are key. Tati takes this into account and provides her honest thoughts on each palette she reviews. She pays close attention to pigmentation, blendability, and longevity. It’s clear that she values palettes that deliver stunning results while being easy to work with.

Discussion of Lancome holiday palette

One of the palettes that Tati discusses is the Lancome holiday palette. She is thoroughly impressed with its formula and shade range. From striking metallics to buttery mattes, this palette truly delivers. Tati claims that it is perfect for creating stunning festive looks, making it a must-have for the holiday season.

Opinions on elf eyeshadow palettes

Tati also shares her thoughts on the eyeshadow palettes from elf Cosmetics. She is pleasantly surprised by their quality, especially considering their affordable price point. According to Tati, these palettes offer great value for money, providing a wide range of shades and excellent pigmentation.

Desire to explore higher-ranked palettes

Although Tati has found some hidden gems in the world of affordable eyeshadow palettes, she expresses her desire to explore higher-ranked and more luxurious options. She believes that these palettes offer a more indulgent experience and may deliver even more stunning results.

Tati’s Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes (Continued)

Love for Huda Beauty products

Tati expresses her love for Huda Beauty products, particularly their eyeshadow palettes. She admires the attention to detail and the high-quality formulas that Huda Kattan puts into her products. According to Tati, Huda Beauty palettes never disappoint, delivering intense pigmentation and stunning color payoff.

Review of Huda Beauty smaller palettes

In her quest to explore Huda Beauty, Tati discusses some of the brand’s smaller eyeshadow palettes. She appreciates the versatility and compactness of these palettes, making them perfect for traveling or creating specific looks. Tati admires the unique shade combinations and finishes that Huda Beauty offers in these smaller palettes.

Preference for non-fall-toned or orangey shades

During her ranking, Tati also reveals her personal preference for non-fall-toned or orangey shades. While she appreciates the artistry and beauty in fall-inspired palettes, Tati finds herself reaching for more neutral, cool-toned shades that complement her skin tone and eye color. She believes that these shades enhance her features in a more natural way.

Mention of nails improvement

Throughout her video, Tati also mentions her nails improvement. She attributes this positive change to taking care of herself and indulging in her passion for beauty. Tati believes that exploring different eyeshadow palettes and experimenting with different looks has been a form of self-care and creativity that has positively impacted her overall well-being.

Recommendation of Sigma New Mod and Ann Nook palettes

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes worthy of recommendation, Tati highlights the Sigma New Mod and Ann Nook palettes. She praises Sigma for their high-quality formulas and the stunning color combinations in these palettes. According to Tati, these palettes offer endless possibilities for creating unique and striking eye looks.

Praise for Actias Luna palette

Another palette that receives high praise from Tati is the Actias Luna palette. This indie brand palette caught Tati’s attention for its ethereal and celestial-inspired shades. Tati loves the dreamy color story of this palette and the impeccable quality of the shadows. She highly recommends adding this palette to your collection for a touch of magic.

Praise for Mellow Cosmetics Shadow Quads

Tati also expresses her admiration for the Mellow Cosmetics Shadow Quads. She believes that these compact palettes are perfect for everyday wear and offer a great variety of shades. Tati particularly loves the buttery texture and blendability of these shadows, making them a go-to choice for creating effortless yet sophisticated eye looks.

Praise for Forever Dynamic Mesmerized palette from Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution’s Forever Dynamic Mesmerized palette has also caught Tati’s attention in a positive way. She commends the brand for its affordability and the exceptional quality of this specific palette. From richly pigmented shades to a beautiful range of finishes, Tati believes that this palette holds its own against higher-end alternatives.

Praise for Cleo eyeshadow palettes

Tati sings praises for the Cleo eyeshadow palettes, a brand that she believes deserves more recognition. She admires the unique color stories and finishes offered by Cleo, which she finds to be a refreshing change in the market. Tati encourages her viewers to give these palettes a try and explore the imaginative looks that can be created with them.

Praise for Smiley palettes from Urban Decay

Last but not least, Tati shares her thoughts on the Smiley palettes from Urban Decay. She loves the playful and vibrant colors in these palettes, which allow for creative expression and bold eye looks. Tati appreciates the high-quality formulas and unique packaging that Urban Decay brings to the table.

Review of Catrice Pure Nude Eyeshadow palette

In her ranking, Tati includes a review of the Catrice Pure Nude Eyeshadow palette. While she appreciates the concept and the brand’s attempt to create a versatile everyday palette, Tati believes that the execution falls short. She finds the shadows to be lacking in pigmentation and longevity, ultimately not meeting her expectations.

Praise for Natasha Denona Metropolis palette

As Tati wraps up her ranking, she reserves high praise for the Natasha Denona Metropolis palette. According to Tati, this palette is a true work of art. The quality and pigmentation of the shadows are unmatched, and the color story is both unique and versatile. Tati believes that investing in this palette is well worth it for any makeup lover.

Tatis Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes


Summary of Tati’s ranking

In summary, Tati’s ranking of eyeshadow palettes offers a comprehensive guide for beauty enthusiasts seeking quality and performance. From more affordable options to high-end luxury, she covers a wide range of palettes to suit different needs and budgets. Her recommendations span from popular brands like Huda Beauty to indie gems like Actias Luna, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Final thoughts and recommendations

Tati concludes her video by encouraging her viewers to explore the world of eyeshadow palettes and find the ones that truly speak to them. She emphasizes the importance of self-expression through makeup and the joy in discovering new brands and products. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup lover or just starting your collection, Tati’s ranking serves as a valuable resource to help you make informed choices and create beautiful eye looks. Happy palette shopping!

Tatis Ranking of Eyeshadow Palettes

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