Tati’s Highly Requested Video: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips, and Favorites

In Tati’s highly requested video, she discusses makeup reviews, beauty tips, and favorites. Tati is a makeup reviewer who shares her personal experiences and provides helpful content on diet, fitness, and health changes. She emphasizes the importance of consulting with a physician before making any changes and shares her own struggles with weight and hormone fluctuations. Tati also talks about the potential harmful effects of tap water and stresses the importance of knowing and listening to your own body. She discusses her health journey, including pneumonia, weight gain, and past unhealthy phases, and explains how she found success in consuming healthy fats and avoiding seed oils. Tati shares her interest in nutrition and educating herself on the topic, and briefly mentions her gluten intolerance and suspicions about seed oils and glyphosate affecting her digestive health. She highlights the positive effects of her diet changes on her overall health and expresses gratitude for the positive transformations she has experienced.

In this highly requested video, Tati Westbrook, a renowned makeup reviewer, delves into makeup reviews, beauty tips, and favorites. She hopes viewers enjoy the content as she shares her personal experiences, including her struggles with weight and hormone fluctuations. Tati emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s body and consulting with a physician before making any changes. She discusses her health journey, mentioning pneumonia, weight gain, and past unhealthy phases, and emphasizes the significance of consuming healthy fats while avoiding harmful seed oils. Tati addresses the potential benefits of purifying water and advises against consuming tap water. With gratitude, she shares the positive impact her diet changes have had on her overall health and expresses her enthusiasm for continued improvement in various aspects of her life.

Tatis Highly Requested Video: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips, and Favorites

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Tati’s Highly Requested Video

Hey there! It’s so great to have you here. I’m thrilled to finally share this highly requested video with you. Over the past few months, I’ve received countless messages and comments asking for more information about various aspects of my life, so I thought it would be helpful to compile it all in one comprehensive article. From makeup reviews to personal experiences, I want to cover it all.

Contact Information

Before we dive into the content, I want to make sure you have a way to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to say hello. You can find me on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where I love interacting with all of you. I’ll also be sharing my PR mailing address later in this article for those interested in sending me products to review or collaborate on future projects.

Content Overview

Not Sponsored or Affiliated

First and foremost, let me clarify that all the content I create, including this article, is not sponsored or affiliated with any brands or companies. I pride myself on providing unbiased and honest reviews, tips, and tutorials. My opinions are always genuine, and I strive to provide you with the most reliable information possible.

PR Mailing Address

For all the brands and companies out there who want to reach out to me, I have a dedicated PR mailing address. This address is where you can send products for review or potential collaborations. I can’t wait to discover new products and share my thoughts with my amazing audience.

Makeup Reviews

One of the most important aspects of my channel is makeup reviews. I love exploring new products, testing their quality, and sharing my honest thoughts with you. From high-end luxury brands to budget-friendly options, I aim to cover a wide range of products so there’s something for everyone. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews, swatches, and application tips.

Beauty Tips

In addition to reviews, I also love sharing beauty tips and tricks. From skincare routines to makeup application techniques, these tips are designed to help you enhance your natural beauty and feel confident in your own skin. I’ll be diving deep into various topics such as finding the perfect foundation match, achieving a flawless complexion, and mastering eyeshadow looks.


We all have our favorite products that we can’t help but rave about. In this section, I’ll be sharing my current favorites across different beauty categories. From holy grail skincare products to makeup must-haves, you’ll get an inside look into what products I can’t live without. Grab a pen and paper because you might want to add some of these gems to your own collection.

Product Reviews

Aside from makeup, I also review a wide range of other products. From haircare and skincare to lifestyle and wellness items, I’ll provide honest feedback on what I think works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re looking for a new hair mask or a game-changing wellness gadget, I’ve got you covered.


One thing I absolutely love doing is creating tutorials. I believe that beauty should be accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. In these tutorials, I break down complex looks into simple, step-by-step instructions that even beginners can follow. Whether you’re interested in a natural everyday look or a glamorous evening makeup look, you’ll find detailed tutorials to help you achieve the look you desire.


Who doesn’t love a good haul? In this section, I’ll be sharing some of my recent shopping finds. You’ll get an exclusive sneak peek into what products I’ve picked up and why I’m excited to try them out. From the latest makeup launches to trendy skincare products, my hauls will keep you updated on what’s hot and happening in the beauty world.


As a token of appreciation for all the love and support from my amazing viewers, I occasionally host giveaways. These giveaways are my way of giving back to you and saying thank you for being a part of this incredible community. Keep an eye out for these exciting opportunities where you can win some fantastic beauty and lifestyle products.

Tatis Highly Requested Video: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips, and Favorites

Personal Experiences

Diet, Fitness, and Health Changes

Now let’s dive into the personal experiences section. In this part, I’ll be sharing my journey with diet, fitness, and health changes. I want to emphasize that everyone’s journey is unique, and what works for me might not work for you. It’s essential to consult with a physician or qualified professional before making any significant changes to your lifestyle.

Controversial and Triggering Topics

Before we continue, I want to address the fact that some of the topics discussed in this section might be controversial or triggering for some individuals. I understand that certain topics, such as weight and hormone fluctuations, can be sensitive. Please take care of yourself and only continue reading if you feel comfortable doing so, as I will be discussing my own experiences in these areas.

Consulting with a Physician

When it comes to health-related issues, it’s crucial to consult with a physician. I want to stress the importance of seeking professional medical advice before making any drastic changes to your diet, exercise routine, or medication. Everyone’s body is unique, and what works for me may not work for you. Always prioritize your personal well-being and safety.

Struggles with Weight and Hormone Fluctuations

Throughout my health journey, I’ve faced various struggles with weight and hormone fluctuations. Like many others, I’ve experienced periods of weight gain, difficulty losing weight, and hormonal imbalances. It’s been a challenging road, but I’ve learned so much about my body and how to take care of it along the way.

Satisfaction with Current State of Health

I’m pleased to say that I’m currently in a much better place health-wise. I’ve learned to listen to my body and make choices that benefit my overall well-being. While everyone’s definition of health may be different, I feel content with where I am today, both physically and mentally.

Importance of Knowing and Listening to Your Own Body

Through my personal experiences, I’ve come to realize the significance of knowing and listening to your own body. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent, and they send us signals when something is out of balance. It’s crucial to tune in and pay attention to those signals, as they can guide us towards the right path for our health and well-being.

Water Filters and Potential Harmful Effects of Tap Water

One aspect of my health journey that I want to highlight is the importance of water quality. I’ve done extensive research on the potential harmful effects of tap water and the benefits of using water filters. While this topic might not be directly related to beauty, it plays a significant role in our overall health.

Health Journey Including Pneumonia, Weight Gain, and Unhealthy Phases

My health journey has been far from linear. I’ve encountered various setbacks along the way, including bouts of pneumonia, weight gain, and unhealthy phases. I’ve learned that setbacks are a part of life, and what truly matters is how we bounce back from them and continue moving forward on our journey to better health.

Consuming Healthy Fats and Avoiding Seed Oils

One of the key changes I’ve made in my diet is focusing on consuming healthy fats and avoiding seed oils. Fat is an essential macronutrient that our bodies need to function properly. By incorporating healthy fats into my meals, such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil, I’ve experienced improvements in my overall well-being.

Experiences with Bioidentical Hormones, Thyroid Issues, and Antidepressants

In my quest for hormonal balance, I’ve explored various treatments and options. I’ve tried bioidentical hormones, addressed thyroid issues, and even taken antidepressants at certain points. It’s important to note that everyone’s experience with these treatments is unique, and what worked for me may not work for someone else. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions regarding medications and hormone treatments.

Taking Responsibility for One’s Choices and Long-Term Benefits

Throughout my health journey, I’ve come to understand the importance of taking responsibility for our choices and considering the long-term benefits. It’s easy to fall into quick fixes or temporary solutions, but true health and well-being require consistency, commitment, and making choices that align with our long-term goals.

Interest in Nutrition and Self-Education

As I continue on my health journey, I’ve developed a deep interest in nutrition and self-education. I’ve dedicated time to learning about the impact of different foods on our bodies, the importance of balanced diets, and the role of nutrients in supporting overall health. I believe that knowledge is power, and the more we educate ourselves, the better equipped we are to make informed choices.

Gluten Intolerance and Effects of Removing Gluten from Diet

Like many others, I’ve discovered that I have a gluten intolerance. Removing gluten from my diet has had a significant impact on my overall well-being, reducing bloating, digestive discomfort, and brain fog. However, it’s important to note that everyone’s body is different, and what works for me may not work for you. If you suspect that you have a gluten intolerance, consult with a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and guidance.

Suspicions about Seed Oils and Glyphosate in Digestive Issues

In my research, I’ve come across suspicions about seed oils and their potential impact on digestive health. Some studies suggest that these oils, which are commonly used in processed and fast foods, may contribute to gut inflammation and digestive issues. Additionally, concerns about glyphosate, a herbicide commonly used in agriculture, have also emerged. While more research is needed in these areas, it’s worth considering the potential impact of these substances on our health.

Connection Between Gut Health and Brain Health

Research has shown that there is a strong connection between gut health and brain health. Our gut contains a complex ecosystem of bacteria that can influence various aspects of our well-being, including mood, cognition, and overall mental health. Taking care of our gut through a balanced diet and incorporating probiotic-rich foods can have a positive impact on our overall well-being.

Interest in Making Sourdough Bread

As part of my exploration in nutrition, I’ve developed a keen interest in making sourdough bread. Sourdough is not only delicious but also offers potential health benefits. The natural fermentation process involved in making sourdough breaks down starches and gluten, making it easier to digest. Plus, it’s a fun and rewarding hobby that allows me to connect with the process of making food from scratch.

Ongoing Struggles with Digestive Health

While I’ve made significant improvements in my digestive health, it’s important to note that it’s an ongoing journey. I still face occasional challenges and setbacks, but I’ve learned to listen to my body, adjust my diet accordingly, and seek professional guidance when needed. Digestive health is a complex topic, and it’s crucial to approach it with patience, compassion, and a willingness to learn.

Traumatic Hospital Visit and Hormonal Issues

At one point in my health journey, I experienced a traumatic hospital visit due to hormonal issues. It was a challenging time, both physically and emotionally. However, I’m grateful for the experience as it led me to seek further understanding of my body and develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of balance and self-care.

Anxiety and Dietary Restrictions at Social Events

I understand the struggles that come with dietary restrictions, particularly when it comes to social events. It can be challenging to navigate social situations when you have specific dietary needs or restrictions. I’ve personally faced anxiety around these situations, but I’ve learned to communicate my needs, bring my own food if necessary, and focus on enjoying the company rather than fixating on the food.

Plant-Based Diet and Hiring a Personal Trainer

One of the major changes I made in my health journey was transitioning to a plant-based diet and hiring a personal trainer. This decision was driven by my desire to focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods and improve my overall fitness levels. It’s important to note that a plant-based diet may not be suitable for everyone, and it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before making any significant dietary changes.

Improvement with Higher Fat and Protein Intake

Since incorporating more healthy fats and protein into my diet, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my overall well-being. Healthy fats, such as avocados and nuts, provide a sense of satiety and support brain health. Protein helps in muscle recovery and repair. By finding the right balance for my body, I’ve experienced increased energy, improved mood, and a healthier relationship with food.

Stopping Use of Injectables and Botox

In recent years, I made the decision to stop using injectables and Botox. While these treatments are a personal choice, I wanted to explore alternative solutions that align with my values of embracing natural beauty. It’s worth noting that everyone’s journey with aging is unique, and it’s essential to make choices that feel right for you, whether that includes injectables or not.

Improvement in Skin and Overall Appearance

Despite stopping the use of injectables, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my skin and overall appearance. By focusing on a balanced lifestyle, nourishing my body with nutrient-dense foods, and developing a consistent skincare routine, I’ve found that my natural beauty shines through. It’s a testament to the power of taking care of our bodies from within.

Animal-Based Diet and Avoiding Additives

While I transitioned to a plant-based diet for a period, I’ve found that an animal-based diet works better for me personally. By incorporating responsibly sourced animal protein into my meals and avoiding additives and processed foods, I’ve experienced improvements in my overall well-being and energy levels. It’s important to find the approach that works best for your body and respects your unique dietary needs.

Not Practicing Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has gained popularity in recent years, with many people attributing various health benefits to this eating pattern. However, it’s important to note that fasting may not be suitable for everyone. Personally, I have chosen not to practice intermittent fasting as it didn’t align with my lifestyle and personal preferences. It’s crucial to listen to our bodies and choose a dietary approach that supports our individual needs.

Puka’s Health Issues

On a lighter note, I want to briefly mention my adorable pup, Puka, and her health issues. Puka is an integral part of my life, and like any pet owner, I’ve faced challenges with her health. Whether it’s digestive issues or allergies, I’m always seeking the best care and exploring natural remedies that can help improve her overall well-being.

Preference for Facial Expressions and Movement

In the world of beauty and makeup, I have a strong preference for embracing natural facial expressions and movement. I believe that beauty shouldn’t be about masking our true selves but rather enhancing and celebrating our unique features. Embracing imperfections and embracing our natural beauty is a powerful act of self-acceptance and self-love.

Go-To Snack: Smoothie with Collagen, Raw Eggs, Maple, Berries, and Kefir

I love sharing my favorite snacks with you, and one of my go-to options is a nutrient-packed smoothie. My ideal smoothie includes collagen powder, raw eggs, maple syrup for some sweetness, antioxidant-rich berries, and kefir for gut health benefits. It’s a delicious and satisfying snack that provides a variety of important nutrients.

Supporting Local Farms and Sustainable Farming Practices

As an advocate for sustainable living, I prioritize supporting local farms and embracing sustainable farming practices. By choosing locally sourced and organic ingredients, we can reduce our environmental impact and support the preservation of our planet’s resources. It’s a small but significant step towards creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

Specific Diet: Eggs, Apples, Ground Beef, Cheese, and Grain-Free Tacos

While everyone’s dietary needs are unique, I wanted to share a specific diet that works for me. My diet includes plenty of eggs, apples, ground beef, cheese, and grain-free tacos. These choices align with my preferences, dietary needs, and overall well-being. It’s important to find a balance that works for you and prioritize your individual health requirements.

Concerns about Restaurant Food and Coffee Quality

When it comes to dining out, I have certain concerns about the quality of restaurant food and coffee. Many establishments prioritize speed and cost-efficiency over the sourcing of high-quality ingredients. Additionally, the quality of coffee is crucial to me, as it can greatly impact how I feel throughout the day. I try to be mindful of where I choose to dine and prioritize establishments that prioritize quality and sustainability.

Feeling Better and Healthier with Stable Blood Sugar

One aspect of my health journey that has made a significant difference is maintaining stable blood sugar levels. By incorporating balanced meals that include protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, I’ve experienced improved energy levels, better mood stability, and a general sense of well-being throughout the day. It’s a small but powerful change that can have a big impact on overall health.

Importance of Making Choices that Work for Oneself

In the realm of health and well-being, it’s crucial to make choices that work for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends or succumb to societal pressures, but true happiness and well-being come when we honor our own needs and values. Whether it’s dietary choices, exercise routines, or self-care practices, prioritize what feels right for you and what supports your overall well-being.

Acknowledging Benefits of Consulting Professionals and Personal Autonomy

While it’s important to take ownership of our health and make choices that feel right for us, it’s equally crucial to acknowledge the benefits of consulting with professionals. Healthcare providers, registered dietitians, and personal trainers can provide valuable guidance and support on our journey to better health. It’s all about finding a balance between personal autonomy and seeking professional advice when needed.

Struggling with Organ Meat but Benefitting from Oysters and Animal Protein

In my exploration of different dietary options, I’ve discovered that organ meat doesn’t work well for me personally. While organ meat offers many nutritional benefits, such as high levels of certain nutrients, it’s important to listen to our bodies and respect our individual preferences. On the other hand, I found that incorporating oysters and other animal-based proteins has been beneficial for my overall health and well-being.

Improvement in Endometriosis and PMS Symptoms

As someone who has struggled with endometriosis and the associated symptoms, I’ve experienced significant improvements in my overall well-being through dietary and lifestyle changes. By focusing on a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management techniques, I’ve found relief from the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. It’s a testament to the power of lifestyle modifications in managing chronic health issues.

Difficult Time Leading to Health and Cooking Habit Changes

Like many others, I’ve faced personal difficulties that have led to profound changes in my health and cooking habits. Sometimes, challenging moments can act as catalysts for positive change. By harnessing the power within ourselves and embracing the opportunities for growth, we can navigate difficult times and come out stronger on the other side.

Gratitude for Positive Changes

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the positive changes I’ve experienced throughout my health journey. While there have been setbacks and challenges along the way, I’m grateful for the lessons learned, the growth achieved, and the improvements in my overall well-being. Gratitude is a powerful tool that allows us to appreciate every step of the journey, even the challenging ones.

Future Video Plans

As I conclude this article, I want to share some exciting plans for future videos. I have a long list of topics that I’m eager to explore, including skincare routines, makeup tutorials, and product reviews. Additionally, I’ll continue sharing my personal experiences and insights on various health and well-being topics. I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you and create content that is informative, engaging, and authentic.

Tatis Highly Requested Video: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips, and Favorites


Thank you for joining me on this comprehensive journey through my highly requested video. I hope that you’ve found the information provided helpful and insightful. Remember, above all else, your well-being is the most important thing. Listen to your body, consult with professionals, and make choices that align with your own values and goals. I’m grateful to have you as a part of my incredible community, and I look forward to continuing on this wonderful journey together.

Tatis Highly Requested Video: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips, and Favorites

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