Tati Westbrook’s Must-Have Luxury Makeup Products

Hey guys, welcome to today’s video where we’ll be delving into the world of luxury makeup with none other than Tati Westbrook. In this article, Tati shares her must-have luxury makeup products and even mentions some drugstore alternatives for those on a budget. From foundation to lip gloss and everything in between, Tati covers all the essential products. She also provides her contact information and assures viewers that the video is not sponsored. So if you’re looking for beauty tips, tricks, and favorites in luxury and drugstore makeup, be sure to check out Tati’s collection of makeup review videos. Now, let’s dive into the wonderful world of high-end makeup with Tati Westbrook!

LUXURY MAKEUP … You Need to Know About! Video By Tati. If I lost all of my makeup, these are my luxury must haves (and the drugstore choices) I love more than Lux. I hope you enjoy! ???? xo’s Tati ???? BEST HAIR u0026 SKIN EVER! ???? ▸ V I D E O S M E N T I O N E D IF I L…

Tati Westbrooks Must-Have Luxury Makeup Products

Top Luxury Makeup Products

When it comes to luxury makeup, the options are endless. From foundation to brushes, there are so many high-end products to choose from that can elevate your beauty routine to a whole new level. In this article, we will explore the top luxury makeup products that are must-haves in every beauty lover’s collection. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or just looking to treat yourself, these products are guaranteed to give you that flawless, luxurious look you’ve always dreamed of.


The foundation is the base of every makeup look, and investing in a high-quality luxury foundation is essential. One of the top luxury foundation options is the Banana Bright from Oola. This foundation not only provides excellent coverage but also gives your skin a radiant, glowing finish. It comes in a wide range of shades, making it suitable for all skin tones. The smooth and creamy formula blends effortlessly into the skin, creating a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup.


To hide imperfections and brighten up dark circles, a luxury concealer is a must. The Tarte Smoothing Primer is highly recommended for its excellent coverage and long-lasting formula. This concealer effortlessly camouflages blemishes and under-eye circles, leaving your skin looking smooth and flawless. Its lightweight texture ensures that it never feels heavy or cakey on the skin, making it perfect for everyday use.


A good primer is the secret to achieving a flawless and long-lasting makeup look. The Zara Outfit and Amazon Storefront offers a luxurious primer that helps to minimize pores and create a smooth canvas for your makeup application. This primer has a lightweight formula that glides onto the skin effortlessly, blurring imperfections and creating a flawless base for foundation. It also helps to extend the wear time of your makeup, ensuring that it stays put all day long.


Setting your makeup with a high-quality powder is essential to keep it in place and prevent any unwanted shine. The RCMA VK Number 11 Palette is an excellent choice for a luxury powder option. This palette offers a range of shades that can be used to set your foundation, highlight your under eyes, and contour your face. The finely milled powder blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving a natural and airbrushed finish.


To achieve that lit-from-within glow, a luxury highlighter is a must-have. The Givenchy Pink Setting Powder is a top-tier highlighter that adds a subtle shimmer to your complexion. It has a soft and silky texture that glides onto the skin smoothly, leaving a radiant and luminous finish. Whether you prefer a natural glow or a blinding highlight, this luxury highlighter can be built up to your desired intensity.

Brow Products

Well-groomed eyebrows can make a world of difference in your overall makeup look. When it comes to luxury brow products, HUDA Beauty Cupcake Powder stands out. This powder gives you full control over your brow shape and shade, allowing you to create natural-looking brows that frame your face perfectly. The finely milled powder blends seamlessly into your brow hairs, giving you a soft and natural finish.

Lip Products

No makeup look is complete without the perfect lip color. When it comes to luxury lip products, Natasha Denona Biba Palette is a must-have. This palette offers a range of stunning lip shades, from vibrant reds to soft nudes. The creamy and long-lasting formula glides onto the lips seamlessly, leaving them hydrated and vibrant all day long. With this luxury lip palette, you can create endless lip looks to suit any occasion.


To achieve luscious and voluminous lashes, a high-quality luxury mascara is a game-changer. The Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Powder is known for its innovative formula that adds incredible volume and length to your lashes. The bristle brush ensures that each lash is coated evenly with the mascara, leaving you with a dramatic and eye-catching look. Whether you prefer a natural or bold lash look, this luxury mascara can do it all.

Eyeshadow Palette

A luxurious eyeshadow palette is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast. The Natasha Denona Biba Palette is a top-tier option that offers a range of stunning neutral shades. From soft neutrals to bold metallics, this palette has everything you need to create versatile and captivating eye looks. The buttery and highly pigmented shadows blend effortlessly onto the lids, making it a favorite among professional makeup artists and beauty lovers alike.


High-quality makeup brushes are essential for achieving a flawless makeup application. Investing in a luxury brush set, such as the Zara Outfit and Amazon Storefront, can make a world of difference in your overall makeup look. This brush set offers a variety of brushes for face, eyes, and lips, ensuring that you have every tool you need to create a flawless and professional finish. The soft and dense bristles ensure that the products are applied seamlessly and evenly onto the skin.


In conclusion, investing in luxury makeup products can elevate your beauty routine and give you that flawless, high-end look you’ve always desired. From foundation to brushes, each product plays a crucial role in creating a flawless and long-lasting makeup look. The top luxury makeup products mentioned in this article, such as the Banana Bright from Oola foundation and the Natasha Denona Biba Palette, are just a few of the many options available. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or simply looking to treat yourself, these luxury makeup products are worth the splurge. So go ahead, pamper yourself with these top luxury makeup products and embrace the luxurious and glamorous side of beauty.

Tati Westbrooks Must-Have Luxury Makeup Products

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