Tati Westbrook’s Review on Overpriced Makeup

In “Tati Westbrook’s Review on Overpriced Makeup,” Tati shares her thoughts and experiences with various luxury makeup products. She discusses the high prices of these products, including a $60 eyeliner and a $140 foundation, and highlights the few products she believes are worth the splurge. Tati also touches on her skincare routine and showcases some of the products she uses. Throughout the video, she provides her honest opinions on the performance and quality of the makeup products she tries on and expresses her love-hate relationship with certain expensive items. Tati concludes the video by thanking her viewers and inviting feedback on whether they would like to see more videos testing expensive products.

In her video, Tati applies and tests expensive makeup products, giving her thoughts and opinions on their performance and quality. She raves about the Tom Ford liquid liner and the long-lasting shine of the eyeshadow. Tati also mentions her disappointment with an expensive hair styling cream. She shares her recommendation for a foundation that provides a natural look and discusses her preference for form-fitting, elegant clothing. Additionally, Tati requests feedback from her viewers on whether they would like more videos testing expensive products.


Welcome to this comprehensive article discussing Tati Westbrook’s review on overpriced makeup. Tati, a prominent beauty influencer and YouTuber, recently shared her thoughts on luxury makeup products in a video that garnered significant attention. In this article, we will delve into Tati’s experiences, opinions, and recommendations on various high-end cosmetics. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to explore the world of luxury makeup with Tati Westbrook!

Tati Westbrooks Review on Overpriced Makeup

Tati’s Experience with Luxury Makeup Products

Tati Westbrook is no stranger to the world of luxury makeup. In her video, she starts by emphasizing her love for high-end beauty products, but also acknowledges the sky-high prices associated with them. Throughout the video, Tati tries on and tests various luxury makeup items, providing her honest thoughts and opinions on their performance and quality.

One of the key points Tati discusses is the ingredient list of luxury makeup products. She highlights the importance of skincare and the role it plays in achieving a flawless makeup look. Tati showcases some of the products she uses in her skincare routine, emphasizing the need for a solid foundation before applying any makeup.

Moving on, Tati talks about her previous viral review of a Christian Louboutin lipstick and shares her initial shock at its exorbitant price. However, she goes on to express her satisfaction with the product’s performance, proving that sometimes splurging on luxury makeup can be worth it. This sets the tone for Tati’s review, as she continues to explore other high-priced cosmetics.

As Tati demonstrates the application of various makeup products, she gives her thoughts and opinions on each one. She mentions her preference for a natural look and recommends a particular foundation for achieving that. Tati uses this foundation repeatedly throughout the video, highlighting its ability to provide a lightweight, natural coverage. However, she advises that it may require spot concealing for those wanting more coverage.

Not only does Tati discuss makeup in her video, but she also shares snippets of her personal style. She mentions her love for form-fitting, elegant clothing, but also reveals a recent phase of wearing oversized outfits. Tati believes that makeup and fashion are both avenues for expressing one’s confidence and individuality.

While Tati praises most of the luxury makeup products she tries, she also expresses disappointment with one expensive hair styling cream. With her honest and relatable approach, Tati makes it clear that even luxury items can sometimes fall short of expectations.

As she wears the makeup products throughout the day, Tati notes their wear and performance. She praises the Tom Ford liquid liner for its ease of application and long-lasting effect. Tati also comments on the eyeshadow’s ability to maintain its shine, even after hours of wear. However, she admits to having a love-hate relationship with certain pricey products, noting that not everything expensive is necessarily superior in quality.

To wrap up her review, Tati provides her contact information and assures her viewers that the video is not sponsored. She thanks her audience for their support and encourages them to check out her collection of other makeup review videos.

Tati Westbrooks Review on Overpriced Makeup


Tati Westbrook’s review on overpriced makeup offers valuable insights into the world of luxury cosmetics. Through her experiences, opinions, and recommendations, Tati provides viewers with an honest assessment of various high-end products. Her love for luxury makeup shines through, but she also acknowledges the high prices associated with it.

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or simply curious about luxury beauty products, Tati’s review is a worthwhile watch. Her friendly and relatable tone, coupled with her comprehensive coverage of multiple products, makes her a trusted source of information in the beauty community. So, sit back, grab your favorite makeup brush, and dive into Tati Westbrook’s world of overpriced makeup!

Tati Westbrooks Review on Overpriced Makeup

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