Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection Review by KathleenLights

OMG, this Sailor Moon collection by Colourpop is absolutely mind-blowing! You won’t believe the excitement and joy that KathleenLights expresses in her review video. She dives right into trying out various products from the collection, including eyeshadows, lip bundles, blushes, and body glitters. Kathleen even shares her thoughts on the packaging, colors, and overall experience of using the Sailor Moon collection. She also provides coupon codes for Lights Lacquer, Lights Label, OFRA, and Morphe, and mentions that she can be contacted for product reviews via email. Get ready to be captivated by her enthusiasm and love for Sailor Moon!

In the video, KathleenLights showcases her passion for the newly released Colourpop Sailor Moon collection. She tests out the eyeshadow palette, lip bundles, blushes, and body glitters. With each product, she shares her thoughts and experiences while applying them. Kathleen expresses her excitement over the collaboration and how Sailor Moon was such a significant part of her childhood. She provides viewers with entertaining and informative content and gives the collection a positive review. Get ready to join her in the Sailor Moon craze!

Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection Review by KathleenLights

Overview of the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection

Introduction of the collection

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection is a highly anticipated collaboration between Colourpop Cosmetics and the beloved Japanese anime series, Sailor Moon. This collection pays tribute to the iconic characters and themes of Sailor Moon, offering a range of makeup products that capture the whimsy and magic of the series. From the dreamy eyeshadow palette to the enchanting lip bundles and shimmering body glitters, the collection is a must-have for any Sailor Moon fan and makeup enthusiast.

Product range and availability

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection features an extensive range of products, including an eyeshadow palette, lip bundles, blushes, and body glitters. Each product is carefully curated to embody the essence of Sailor Moon and showcase the vibrant colors and playful spirit of the series. The collection is available for purchase through Colourpop’s official website and select retail partners, making it accessible to fans all over the world.

Kathleen’s excitement for the collaboration

Renowned beauty influencer Kathleen Lights, known for her passion for both makeup and Sailor Moon, expressed her excitement for the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collaboration. In a heartfelt video on her YouTube channel, Kathleen shared her love for the series and her admiration for Colourpop’s ability to capture the essence of Sailor Moon in this collection. Her genuine enthusiasm has undoubtedly contributed to the anticipation and success of this collaboration.

Kathleen’s Makeup Look

Products used for the makeup look

For her Sailor Moon-inspired makeup look, Kathleen utilized various products from the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection. She started by priming her eyes with the eyeshadow base and then proceeded to use the shades from the eyeshadow palette for a mesmerizing eye look. Kathleen then applied the blush and highlighted her features with the carefully selected lip bundle. To add a touch of sparkle, she added some body glitter to complete the magical look.

Application process and techniques

Kathleen demonstrated the application process and techniques she employed to create her Sailor Moon-inspired makeup look. She provided step-by-step instructions, allowing viewers to easily follow along and recreate the look at home. From blending the eyeshadow shades to achieving a seamless blush application, Kathleen’s expertise and guidance ensured a flawless result.

Thoughts on the final look

After completing her Sailor Moon-inspired makeup look, Kathleen shared her thoughts on the final result. She expressed her satisfaction with how the products performed and how well they captured the essence of Sailor Moon. Kathleen praised the pigmentation, blendability, and longevity of the products, emphasizing how they exceeded her expectations. She also highlighted the cohesive and seamless finish achieved by using the products together and expressed her confidence that fans would be delighted with the collection.

Packaging and Design

Description of the packaging

The packaging of the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection is a delightful blend of Sailor Moon’s whimsical aesthetic and Colourpop’s signature style. The products are housed in sleek and sturdy packaging adorned with dreamy illustrations of Sailor Moon and her friends. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the embossed logos to the delicate touches of gold, making each product a collector’s item.

Aesthetics and visual appeal

The aesthetics of the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection are nothing short of enchanting. The pastel color scheme, the playful illustrations, and the incorporation of iconic Sailor Moon imagery create a visually stunning and cohesive collection. The packaging is not only visually appealing but also evokes a sense of nostalgia and transports fans back to the magical world of Sailor Moon.

Quality and durability

In addition to its captivating design, the packaging of the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection boasts exceptional quality and durability. The products are housed in sturdy compacts and tubes that withstand the test of time, making them perfect for everyday use and travel. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials ensure that the packaging remains intact, preserving the charm of the collection for years to come.

Colourpop Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette

Overview of the eyeshadow palette

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette is the star of the collection, featuring 12 stunning shades inspired by Sailor Moon and her friends. The palette offers a versatile range of finishes, including matte, metallic, and glitter, allowing for endless creativity and versatility in eye looks. Each shade is thoughtfully selected to represent different aspects of the Sailor Moon universe, from the moonlit night sky to the vibrant transformations of the Sailor Scouts.

Color selection and variety

The color selection in the Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette is a true representation of the series’ whimsical and dreamy aesthetic. The palette features a range of shades, including soft pinks, dreamy purples, and celestial blues, inspired by the characters and settings of Sailor Moon. The variety of colors allows users to create both everyday and bold, statement looks, making it suitable for all occasions and makeup styles.

Pigmentation and blendability

One of the standout qualities of the Colourpop Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette is its impressive pigmentation. The shadows deliver rich, vibrant color payoff with minimal effort, allowing for easy application and buildable intensity. The formula is also incredibly blendable, making it effortless to create seamless transitions and achieve a professional-looking eye look. Whether you’re a makeup novice or an experienced artist, the eyeshadows in this palette make it easy to achieve stunning results.

Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection Review by KathleenLights

Colourpop Sailor Moon Lip Bundles

Range of lip bundle products

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Lip Bundles offer a range of options to suit different preferences and skin tones. The collection includes a variety of lip products, such as liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip crayons, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect match and desired finish. Each lip bundle is carefully curated to complement the eyeshadows and blushes in the collection, allowing for a cohesive and harmonious makeup look.

Color options and finishes

The lip bundles in the Sailor Moon Collection offer a wide range of color options, catering to various preferences and skin tones. From soft pinks to bold reds and shimmering nudes, there is a shade for every occasion and mood. The finishes also vary, with options for both matte and glossy finishes, allowing users to experiment with different looks and textures.

Texture and longevity

One of the notable qualities of the Colourpop Sailor Moon Lip Bundles is their comfortable and long-wearing formula. The liquid lipsticks offer a smooth and lightweight texture that glides effortlessly onto the lips, providing intense color payoff that lasts throughout the day. The lip glosses offer a high-shine finish without feeling sticky or tacky, while the lip crayons offer a creamy and easy-to-apply texture. The longevity of the lip products ensures that you can enjoy your Sailor Moon-inspired makeup look without the need for frequent touch-ups.

Colourpop Sailor Moon Blushes

Description of the blush products

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Blushes are a perfect addition to the collection, offering a youthful and healthy flush of color to the cheeks. The blushes come in three shades inspired by the iconic Sailor Scouts, each representing their individual personalities and powers. The blushes have a lightweight and buildable formula that allows users to achieve a natural and radiant finish.

Shade range and suitability

The shade range of the Sailor Moon Blushes is thoughtfully curated to suit a variety of skin tones and preferences. From a soft peachy pink to a vibrant coral and a warm rose, each shade brings a touch of warmth and luminosity to the complexion. The buildable formula ensures that the blushes can be applied with a light hand for a subtle flush or layered for a more intense and vibrant pop of color.

Application and blendability

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Blushes are effortless to apply and blend, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced makeup enthusiasts. The blushes have a silky-smooth texture that blends seamlessly into the skin, providing a natural-looking flush. The buildable formula allows users to customize the intensity of the color, ensuring a flawless and personalized application every time.

Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection Review by KathleenLights

Colourpop Sailor Moon Body Glitters

Overview of the body glitter products

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Body Glitters add a touch of sparkle and magic to any makeup look. The collection features a range of shades and sizes, from fine glitters to chunkier flakes, offering endless possibilities for creating dazzling and eye-catching effects. The body glitters are designed to be applied to the face, body, or even hair, allowing users to channel their inner Sailor Moon and shine bright like the moon.

Variety of shades and sizes

The Sailor Moon Body Glitters come in a variety of shades, including iridescent whites, opalescent pinks, and sparkling golds. Each shade is inspired by the mystical and celestial aspects of the Sailor Moon universe, offering a range of options to suit different makeup looks and preferences. The glitters also come in different sizes, allowing users to customize the intensity and impact of the sparkle.

Application and staying power

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Body Glitters are easy to apply and stay in place throughout the day or night. The glitters can be applied directly to the desired area using a brush or fingertip, or alternatively, can be mixed with a glitter adhesive for a more long-lasting effect. The glitters adhere effortlessly to the skin and provide a captivating and luminous finish that is sure to turn heads.

Comparison with Other Brands

Comparison to P.Louise eyeshadow base

When compared to the P.Louise eyeshadow base, the Colourpop Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette demonstrates its ability to perform exceptionally well even without an additional base. The shadows adhere to the eyelids effortlessly, offer stunning pigmentation, and exhibit minimal fallout throughout the day. However, for those with oily lids or those seeking a more intensified color payoff, using a base like P.Louise can further enhance the eyeshadow’s vibrancy and longevity.

Comparison to ABH and Smashbox eyeshadows

In terms of performance and quality, the Colourpop Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette stands up to the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) and Smashbox. The pigmentation, blendability, and longevity of the shadows are comparable, providing users with professional-grade results at an affordable price point. Additionally, the Sailor Moon palette offers a unique and playful color selection that distinguishes it from other eyeshadow palettes on the market.

Comparison to MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation

While the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection focuses primarily on eye and lip products, its quality rivals that of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s foundation. Colourpop’s formula provides buildable coverage, lightweight feel, and long-lasting wear, similar to the renowned qualities of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s foundation range. The accessible price point of Colourpop’s collection further solidifies its standing as a viable alternative without compromising on quality.

Comparison to Kosas concealer

When comparing Colourpop’s Sailor Moon Collection to Kosas’ concealer, there are notable differences in the product range and target audience. While Colourpop’s collection offers a wide selection of eyeshadows, lip products, blushes, and body glitters inspired by the Sailor Moon universe, Kosas focuses primarily on creating clean, minimalistic, and skincare-infused makeup essentials. Both brands excel in their respective areas, catering to different consumer preferences and needs.

Comparison to L’Oréal and Alamar Cosmetics eyeliners

In terms of eyeliner performance, Colourpop’s Sailor Moon Collection can be compared to popular brands such as L’Oréal and Alamar Cosmetics. The collection does not include eyeliners specifically, but the eyeshadows can be used as liners by applying them with a small angled brush. The pigmentation and longevity are on par with high-end eyeliners, giving users the liberty to create versatile eye looks while staying true to the Sailor Moon theme.

Comparison to Milani blushes

When compared to Milani blushes, the Colourpop Sailor Moon Blushes offer a similar level of quality and performance. Both brands offer buildable and blendable formulas, which allow for customized intensity and seamless application. However, the Colourpop Sailor Moon Blushes distinguish themselves through their Sailor Moon-inspired packaging and the limited edition aspect, making them a unique and collectible choice for fans of the series.

Comparison to Morphe highlighters

Morphe highlighters are known for their intense glow, but the Colourpop Sailor Moon Blushes offer a softer and more subtle approach to highlighting. The Sailor Moon Blushes provide a luminous and natural-looking sheen to the skin, adding a youthful and radiant glow. While Morphe highlighters might be more suited for those seeking a blinding effect, the Sailor Moon highlighters are perfect for a more ethereal and magical look.

Comparison to Colourpop setting mist

In terms of setting sprays, Colourpop’s setting mist provides excellent performance and a lightweight feel. The formula helps extend the longevity of makeup while creating a beautiful radiant finish. While there is no specific Sailor Moon-themed setting mist in the collection, the Colourpop setting mist, when used in conjunction with the Sailor Moon products, can enhance the overall look and ensure that the makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Comparison to Thrive Causemetics lip liners

Thrive Causemetics offers a range of lip liners known for their creamy and long-lasting formula. While Colourpop’s Sailor Moon Lip Bundles do not include specific lip liners, the lip products themselves provide precise application and long-wearing color. The lip bundles can be paired with any lip liner of choice, making it easy to create a defined and polished lip look.

Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection Review by KathleenLights

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Kathleen’s overall satisfaction with the collection

Kathleen Lights expressed her overall satisfaction with the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection, commending its ability to capture the essence of Sailor Moon and the quality of the products. From the eyeshadow palette to the lip bundles and blushes, Kathleen was impressed by the performance, pigmentation, and longevity of each product. She highlighted the versatility and cohesion of the collection, emphasizing its ability to create stunning and imaginative makeup looks.

Pros and cons

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection has numerous advantages that make it a standout collaboration. The pros include the well-curated color selection, the high-quality and long-wearing formulas, and the beautifully designed packaging. The collection offers a wide range of products that appeal to both avid Sailor Moon fans and makeup enthusiasts.

However, one potential downside is the limited edition nature of the collection. As with all limited edition releases, there is a possibility that certain products may sell out quickly or become difficult to obtain. It is advisable to purchase desired items promptly to avoid missing out on this special collaboration.

Recommendation for different skin tones and preferences

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection is suitable for a variety of skin tones and preferences. The eyeshadow palette offers a diverse range of colors that can be tailored to individual styles and undertones. The lip bundles cater to different finish preferences, from matte to glossy, and offer a variety of shades that complement a wide range of complexions. The blushes are buildable, allowing users to achieve the desired intensity regardless of their skin tone. Additionally, the body glitters provide a sparkling touch that can enhance any makeup look, regardless of individual preferences.


Summary of the review

The Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection has captured the hearts of makeup enthusiasts and Sailor Moon fans alike. From the enchanting packaging to the high-quality formulas, the collection excels in providing versatile and inspiring products. The eyeshadow palette offers a diverse range of colors with excellent pigmentation and blendability. The lip bundles provide various options for different finishes and shades. The blushes add a youthful and radiant flush to the cheeks, while the body glitters provide a touch of sparkle and magic.

Final thoughts and score

In conclusion, the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection is a delightful collaboration that embodies the whimsy and magic of Sailor Moon. The quality and performance of the products are exceptional, offering users the opportunity to create endless imaginative and enchanting makeup looks. Kathleen Lights’ endorsement further solidifies the collection’s reputation as a must-have for Sailor Moon fans and makeup enthusiasts alike. With an overall score of 9.5 out of 10, the Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection is a true triumph that transports users to the captivating world of Sailor Moon.

Colourpop Sailor Moon Collection Review by KathleenLights

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