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Tati’s Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

Welcome to “Tati’s Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals.” In this article, we will explore the exciting event that is Amazon Prime Day, where customers can find incredible deals on a wide range of products, including beauty items. Our guide for today is Tati, a renowned beauty influencer who will be sharing her top picks for haircare, skincare, makeup, fashion, and jewelry deals available on Amazon Prime Day. Tati recommends taking advantage of the free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to fully enjoy the discounts. Throughout the article, she highlights various beauty products, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, volumizing powders, and skincare items, from well-known brands like Kristin Ess, Briogeo, SexyHair, COSRX, Kate Sommerville, and Laneige. Additionally, Tati provides links to her Amazon Store, where customers can conveniently shop and save anywhere from 20% to 40%. She also encourages readers to connect with her through her social media accounts and provides contact information for further engagement. It’s important to note that although the video is not sponsored, there are affiliate links included. With Tati’s expertise and recommendations, you can make the most of Amazon Prime Day’s beauty deals and save big on your favorite products.

Join us as we dive into the latest Amazon Prime Day extravaganza, specifically focused on the hottest beauty, fashion, and accessory picks. With an incredible selection of 250,000 items reviewed, including a whopping 17,000 in the beauty category alone, this event promises something for everyone. Tati, our go-to beauty guru, has diligently sorted through this vast selection, listing everything in the description box and seamlessly organizing them in her storefront. To make the most of this exciting event, Prime Day is set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, so remember to hold off on checking out today. With discounts of up to 40% off on a wide range of beauty items, it’s truly a beauty lover’s paradise. Tati shares her personal discoveries from a preview boutique visit and reveals her beloved hair care favorites, such as clarifying shampoo and Briogeo products. She also highlights must-have skincare products like snail mucin and exfoliating masks, and eagerly recommends discounted items like primers, brightening solutions, and cleansing balms. From Grande Cosmetics’ brow regrower to foundations by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and Catrice, there’s an abundance of remarkable beauty items on sale. Additionally, Tati assures readers that if an item is “Out,” they should still add it to their cart, as the discount will be applied during checkout. With a vast array of discounted beauty items ranging from 20 to 50 percent off, this Prime Day celebration is not one to miss. Tati shares her personal insights, as well as reminiscing about her time working at Nordstrom, where she found products that didn’t necessarily extend makeup wear but provided a relaxing experience. She mentions Maybelline’s impressive 87 items on sale at 30-40% off and expresses her love for their lifter glosses. Tati shines a spotlight on noteworthy brands like Tatcha and their exceptional cleansers, as well as Urban Decay for their glitter liners and high-quality eyeshadows. Even though IT Cosmetics’ foundation may not suit her skin due to SPF, she acknowledges its popularity, particularly among her mom and other users. In addition to beauty deals, Tati also shares exciting discounts on other products like shoes from Flying Monkey and beautiful yet affordable jewelry pieces like 17 Mile earrings, perfect for those with sensitive ears, as they’re lead and nickel-free. Tati assures readers that her storefront will be well-stocked with more exciting products and invites them to share what catches their eye for Prime Day. With these tantalizing offers, you’ll be sure to find incredible beauty deals while saving a bundle.

Tatis Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

Tati’s Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

Welcome to Tati’s Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals! Get ready to indulge in a shopping extravaganza as we unveil some of the most exciting deals across various beauty categories. From haircare and skincare to makeup, fashion, and jewelry, Prime Day has something for everyone. So, grab your devices, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of discounted beauty goodies!

Haircare Deals


Prime Day brings a marvelous selection of discounted shampoos, catering to all hair types and concerns. Whether you’re battling dryness, frizz, or seeking volumizing formulas, there’s a shampoo deal waiting for you. Treat your tresses to some luxurious cleansing with brands like Ouai, Living Proof, and Pureology, all at unbeatable prices.


Don’t forget to pair your shampoo with a nourishing conditioner! Prime Day offers an array of hair conditioners that will leave your locks feeling silky, smooth, and revitalized. From hydrating formulas to those specifically designed to address color-treated hair, you’ll find amazing discounts on beloved brands like Moroccanoil, Olaplex, and Pantene.

Hair Masks

Indulge in a pampering hair mask session with the incredible Prime Day deals. These intensive treatments provide deep hydration and repair, leaving your hair looking luscious and healthy. Look out for popular brands like Briogeo, SheaMoisture, and Redken, as they offer great discounts on their range of hair masks.

Volumizing Powders

If you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your hair, Prime Day offers fantastic deals on volumizing powders. These handy products are perfect for creating volume and texture, giving your hair that coveted lift. Brands like Bumble and bumble, R+Co, and Oribe present incredible discounts on their volumizing powders during this shopping extravaganza.

Favorite Brands

Prime Day is an opportunity to explore and stock up on your favorite haircare brands at unbeatable prices. Whether it’s Ouai’s luxurious hair products, Moroccanoil’s nourishing treatments, or Living Proof’s innovative formulas, you can find discounts on many beloved brands during the shopping event. Treat your hair to the best without breaking the bank!

Skincare Deals


Prepare your skin for flawless makeup application with the fantastic Prime Day deals on skincare primers. These multitasking products not only create a smooth canvas but also provide added hydration and pore-minimizing benefits. Look out for popular brands like Smashbox, Too Faced, and Benefit, as they offer exciting discounts on their range of primers.

Body Treatments

Pamper your body with the incredible discounts on body treatments during Prime Day. From luxurious body lotions to exfoliating scrubs and nourishing oils, there’s a wide selection to choose from. Brands such as The Body Shop, Nivea, and Aveeno offer exceptional deals on their range of body treatments, promising a spa-like experience at home.

Brightening Solutions

If you’re after a radiant complexion, Prime Day is the perfect time to snag some incredible deals on brightening solutions. These skincare products work wonders in reducing dullness and discoloration, revealing a brighter and more even-toned complexion. Keep an eye out for brands like Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant, and The Ordinary, as they offer discounts on their range of brightening solutions.

Cleansing Balms

Soothe and nourish your skin while effectively removing makeup and impurities with the discounted cleansing balms available on Prime Day. These luxurious balms melt away dirt and grime, leaving your skin feeling clean and supple. Look for deals from beloved brands like Farmacy, Clinique, and Elemis, and indulge in a spa-like cleansing experience.

Lip Masks

Give your lips some extra TLC with the Prime Day deals on lip masks. These masks provide intense hydration and rejuvenation, leaving your lips soft and plump. Whether you prefer a glossy finish or a subtle tint, brands like Laneige, Burt’s Bees, and Kiehl’s offer incredible discounts on their lip mask range during this shopping extravaganza.

Makeup Deals

Eyebrow Gels

Achieve perfectly groomed and defined eyebrows with the fantastic discounts on eyebrow gels during Prime Day. These products help tame unruly brows and provide a natural-looking hold. Look out for deals on beloved brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, and Glossier, and say hello to beautifully shaped eyebrows without breaking the bank.

Favorite Foundations

Create a flawless base with the exciting Prime Day deals on foundations. Whether you prefer a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a full-coverage foundation, there’s something for everyone. Treat yourself to amazing discounts on renowned brands like Fenty Beauty, NARS, and Estée Lauder, and embrace a picture-perfect complexion.

Glitter Liners

Add a touch of sparkle and glam to your eye makeup with the discounted glitter liners available on Prime Day. These dazzling liners create stunning eye looks that are perfect for special occasions or a night out. Look for deals from popular brands like Urban Decay, NYX, and Stila, and let your eyes shine with brilliance.

Lifter Glosses

Get irresistible lips with the Prime Day deals on lip glosses. These glosses provide a luscious shine while nourishing and plumping your lips. Whether you prefer a sheer or intensely pigmented gloss, brands like Dior, Fenty Beauty, and Maybelline offer incredible discounts on their range of lifter glosses during this shopping extravaganza.

Tatis Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

Fashion Deals

Discounted Shoes

Enhance your style with amazing discounts on shoes during Prime Day. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, sandals, or statement heels, there’s a pair waiting for you. Take advantage of the deals available across popular footwear brands like Nike, Steve Madden, and Adidas, and step up your fashion game without breaking the bank.

Jewelry Deals

Affordable Earrings

Complete your outfits with stunning earrings at unbeatable prices during Prime Day. From delicate studs to statement hoops, you’ll find a wide range of earring styles on offer. Look out for deals from beloved jewelry brands like Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, and BaubleBar, and add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your ensemble.

Tatis Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

Discounted Brands

Kristin Ess

Score incredible deals on haircare products from the renowned brand Kristin Ess during Prime Day. Known for their high-quality and affordable range, Kristin Ess offers discounts on their shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Say goodbye to bad hair days without denting your wallet!


Treat your hair to the goodness of Briogeo and avail yourself of the exciting discounts available on Prime Day. With their emphasis on clean, natural ingredients, Briogeo provides a range of haircare products suitable for various hair concerns and textures. Don’t miss out on their discounted shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks!


Achieve salon-worthy hairstyles with the discounted products from SexyHair during Prime Day. This professional haircare brand offers an array of styling products, including hairsprays, mousses, and volumizers. Take advantage of Prime Day to stock up on your favorite SexyHair products and embrace fabulous hair every day.


Shop for your skincare essentials from the popular Korean brand COSRX at discounted prices during Prime Day. With their focus on effective ingredients and gentle formulations, COSRX has gained a strong following in the beauty community. Stock up on their cleansers, serums, and moisturizers without breaking the bank!

Kate Somerville

Pamper your skin with the luxurious skincare offerings from Kate Somerville at discounted prices during Prime Day. Known for their effective yet gentle formulations, Kate Somerville offers a range of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers to address various skincare concerns. Treat yourself to the ultimate skincare indulgence without breaking the bank.


Discover the best of Korean skincare with the exciting discounts on Laneige products during Prime Day. Known for their innovative formulations and focus on hydration, Laneige offers a wide range of skincare products. Don’t miss out on their discounted cleansers, toners, and sleeping masks!

Prime Day Extravaganza

Hottest Beauty, Fashion, and Accessory Picks

Prime Day is not just about amazing deals. It’s also an opportunity to discover the hottest beauty, fashion, and accessory picks of the season. Keep an eye out for curated collections and exclusive collaborations that are set to make a splash during this shopping extravaganza. From limited-edition beauty sets to trendy fashion pieces, Prime Day has it all!

Product Preview

Stay ahead of the game and get a sneak peek into the most anticipated products that will be part of the Prime Day extravaganza. Brands often release teasers and previews of their upcoming deals, allowing you to plan your shopping strategy in advance. Check out the official Prime Day website or follow your favorite beauty influencers to get a glimpse of what’s in store!

Discount Ranges

Prime Day brings a wide range of discounts for beauty, fashion, and accessories. From modest price reductions to whopping discounts, there’s something for every budget. Keep an eye out for the discounts that suit your preferences and make the most out of the incredible deals waiting to be discovered.

Cart Checkout Strategy

Navigating the Prime Day shopping experience can be overwhelming, but fear not! To ensure a smooth and successful shopping spree, it’s essential to have a smart cart checkout strategy. Make a list of your priority items, keep an eye on limited-time lightning deals, and be prompt with adding the products to your cart. Don’t forget to double-check quantities and sizes before proceeding to checkout.

Tatis Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

Shopping on Amazon

Free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, this is the perfect time to take advantage of a free 30-day trial. Enjoy the benefits of Prime membership, including free and fast shipping, access to Prime Video, and exclusive deals on Prime Day. Sign up and experience the joy of convenient and budget-friendly shopping right at your fingertips.

Tati’s Amazon Store

Explore Tati’s specially curated Amazon store to uncover a selection of her favorite beauty products. From makeup must-haves to skincare essentials, Tati’s store offers a wide range of products that have her seal of approval. Take a peek and discover some hidden gems and incredible deals!

20-40% Savings

When it comes to Prime Day, the savings are vast! On a variety of products, you can expect discounts ranging from 20% to even 40%. This significant saving opportunity allows you to splurge on your favorite beauty brands and update your wardrobe guilt-free. So, make the most of the discounts and indulge yourself in a shopping spree like no other.

Navigating the Storefront

Amazon’s vast selection can be overwhelming, but fear not! Navigating the storefront is easier than you think. Utilize the search bar to narrow down your options, filter results based on price range or customer reviews, and read product descriptions and reviews to make informed decisions. Take your time to explore the various categories and subcategories, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any hidden gems.


With Tati’s Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals, you’re all set to embark on a shopping journey filled with exciting discounts and fabulous finds. From haircare and skincare essentials to makeup, fashion, and jewelry, Prime Day has something to offer every beauty enthusiast. So, gear up, browse through the wide range of beauty deals, and make the most out of this sensational shopping extravaganza. Happy shopping!

Tatis Top Picks for Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

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