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Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation

In Tati Westbrook’s new video, she reviews Smashbox’s long-lasting foundation and declares it the best foundation of 2023. The foundation is not sponsored, and Tati also mentions her hair and skin products, as well as her nail lacquer and jewelry. Throughout the video, Tati provides her contact information and social media handles, and while the video is not sponsored, there are Amazon affiliate links present. Tati is a beauty influencer known for reviewing makeup products and providing beauty tips and tutorials, so this video falls in line with her content about beauty and makeup. She tests out the new foundation from Smashbox, which claims to have adaptogens and hyaluronic acid. Tati applies the foundation using a velour puff, and also uses other makeup products, including a concealer from Natasha Denona. Overall, Tati is impressed with the foundation and how it looks on her skin, and she mentions doing a midday check-in to see how well the foundation is holding up.

In addition to the foundation review, Tati also demonstrates her hair curling technique using a curling iron. She warns that the curling iron reaches a temperature of 430 degrees and can cause burns if not used carefully, but she loves how quickly it heats up and the nice waves it gives her hair. Tati sprays her hair with hairspray and combs through it for volume, and advises against burning the forehead while curling. She shows how she curls her bangs away from her face and messes with her hair to create a messy, curled look. After going through her hair routine, Tati applies the foundation and plans to test its durability throughout the day. She finds that the foundation holds up well, but her forehead feels slightly dry, so she suggests using a hydrating primer underneath. Tati praises the foundation for its long-lasting and sweat-resistant qualities, touches up her face with a brush to remove shine and oil, and considers it her new favorite foundation. She thanks Smashbox for creating such a great formula and concludes the video with her usual sign-off.

Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation

Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashboxs Long-lasting Foundation


Welcome to another exciting beauty review! Today, we are diving into the world of foundations with the help of the lovely Tati Westbrook. Tati, a well-respected beauty guru, is known for her honest and detailed reviews that help us make informed choices about our makeup purchases. In this article, we will be exploring Tati’s thoughts on Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s get started!

Tati Westbrook and her Beauty Recommendations

Tati Westbrook has been a guiding light in the beauty community for years, offering us her invaluable advice and recommendations. Her passion for makeup truly shines through in her YouTube videos, and her followers appreciate her genuine approach to reviewing products. Tati’s reviews have always been honest, thorough, and reliable, making her a trusted source for beauty enthusiasts worldwide. So when Tati recommends a product, we know we can trust her judgment.

Testing Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation

In order to give us her honest opinion on Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation, Tati put the product through its paces. She tested it for an entire week, using it in different weather conditions and for various occasions. Tati understands the importance of a long-lasting foundation, especially for those who have busy schedules or events that require their makeup to stay put all day long. With her expertise, she was able to assess this foundation’s claims and determine whether it met her high standards.

Applying the Foundation

Tati started her review by discussing the application process of Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation. She mentioned that the foundation comes in a sleek glass bottle with a pump, allowing for easy and controlled dispensing. Tati found the formula to be lightweight and blendable, making it effortless to apply. She emphasized the importance of properly prepping the skin before applying any foundation, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.

Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashboxs Long-lasting Foundation

Other Makeup Products Used

To complement the Smashbox foundation, Tati used an array of other makeup products to create a complete look. She incorporated a primer to enhance the longevity of the foundation, a concealer to cover any imperfections, and a setting powder to lock everything in place. Tati also experimented with different blush and highlighter shades to bring warmth and glow to the face, showcasing how versatile the foundation is when paired with different products.

Impressions of the Foundation

As Tati continued to wear the foundation throughout the week, she shared her impressions with her followers. She praised the foundation’s ability to provide buildable coverage, allowing her to achieve a natural look or build it up for more full coverage when needed. Tati also noticed that the foundation had a beautiful satin finish, giving her skin a healthy and radiant glow. She appreciated how the formula didn’t settle into her fine lines or emphasize any pores, ensuring a seamless and flawless appearance.

Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashboxs Long-lasting Foundation

Midday Check-in

To truly test the longevity of Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation, Tati conducted a midday check-in during her review. After several hours of wear, she inspected her makeup in natural lighting and was pleasantly surprised. The foundation held up incredibly well, showing minimal signs of fading or caking. Tati noted that her skin still looked fresh and radiant, further confirming the foundation’s long-lasting claims.

Reviewing the Curling Iron

In addition to the foundation review, Tati also shared her thoughts on a new curling iron she had been testing. Tati understands that hair plays an equally important role in our overall appearance, so she wanted to provide a well-rounded review by discussing this hair tool. This curling iron claimed to deliver long-lasting curls while protecting hair from heat damage, which intrigued Tati.

Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashboxs Long-lasting Foundation

Hair Curling Technique

Tati demonstrated her hair curling technique, explaining the steps she took to achieve her desired curls. She emphasized the importance of starting with clean, dry hair and using a heat protectant spray to shield the hair from excessive heat. Tati then walked her viewers through the process of sectioning the hair, wrapping it around the curling iron, and holding it for a few seconds to set the curl. Her detailed instructions and tips made it easy for viewers to replicate the look at home.

Creating Volume and Styling Tips

In addition to achieving beautiful curls, Tati shared some of her favorite tips for creating volume and styling the hair. She suggested using a volumizing spray or mousse at the roots for added lift and texture. Tati also recommended flipping the hair upside down and rough-drying it with a blow dryer to create natural-looking volume. Her tips were practical and easy to incorporate into our daily hair routines, making it accessible for everyone to achieve their desired hairstyle.

Tati Westbrook Reviews Smashboxs Long-lasting Foundation

Cautionary Advice

While Tati had an overall positive experience with both the foundation and the curling iron, she also provided some cautionary advice. She reminded her viewers to always do a patch test before applying any new product to their skin, especially if they have sensitive skin or known allergies. Tati also stressed the importance of using heat protectant products and not exceeding the recommended temperature settings on styling tools to prevent hair damage. Safety and well-being are always Tati’s top priorities.

Final Thoughts on the Foundation

After wearing Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation for a full week, Tati shared her final thoughts. She concluded that the foundation truly lived up to its claims of longevity, providing a seamless and radiant finish that held up throughout the day. Tati appreciated its lightweight feel, buildable coverage, and ability to complement different skin types. She praised the foundation for its versatile formula, making it suitable for both natural and glam looks.


In conclusion, Tati Westbrook’s review of Smashbox’s Long-lasting Foundation proved to be informative and insightful. With her trademark friendly and honest style, Tati shared her experiences and recommendations, allowing her viewers to make informed decisions when it comes to their makeup choices. Tati’s dedication to thorough testing and attention to detail truly sets her reviews apart, making her a trusted source for beauty enthusiasts. So the next time you are in search of a long-lasting foundation, take a page out of Tati’s book and give Smashbox a try. You might just discover your new holy grail product!

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