Review: Colourpop x Mulan Collection by KathleenLights

Hey there! In this video review, KathleenLights takes us through her thoughts and swatches of the new Colourpop x Mulan collection. She starts off by sharing her excitement about receiving the collection in the mail and admiring the beautiful packaging. Kathleen reminiscences about watching Mulan as a child and how it inspired her. She then proceeds to test out the various products in the collection, including the eyeshadow palette, blushes, lipsticks, face milk, and lip mask. Throughout the video, she gives her first impressions and thoughts on the formulas, and even provides her viewers with a coupon code to use at Colourpop. Overall, this video is packed with interesting content, personal anecdotes, and helpful information about the new Colourpop x Mulan collection. Get ready to be in awe and inspired by this exciting collaboration!


Video review of Colourpop x Mulan Collection by KathleenLights

In her latest video, KathleenLights provides viewers with a detailed review of the highly anticipated Colourpop x Mulan Collection. With her signature enthusiastic and friendly demeanor, Kathleen shares her swatches and thoughts on the various products included in the collection. As a trusted beauty influencer, Kathleen’s review serves as a valuable guide for viewers who are considering purchasing these limited edition items.

List of products used including Colourpop x Mulan Eyeshadow Palette and Blush in Matchmaker

Throughout the video, Kathleen creates a stunning makeup look using various products from the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. She showcases the versatile Colourpop x Mulan Eyeshadow Palette, which features a range of vibrant and neutral shades inspired by the film. Kathleen also highlights the beautiful Blush in Matchmaker, a soft and flattering shade that adds a natural flush to the cheeks. By providing a comprehensive list of the products she uses, viewers can easily identify the items that catch their attention.

Makeup Look

Kathleen’s makeup look using products from Colourpop x Mulan Collection

Kathleen demonstrates her artistic skills by creating a captivating and wearable makeup look using several products from the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. In addition to the Mulan-inspired eyeshadow palette and blush, she incorporates products from other brands to complement the overall look. Notably, Kathleen mentions using the Jcat Beauty eyeliner for a precise winged eyeliner and the Make Up For Ever mascara to achieve full, voluminous lashes. To add warmth and dimension, she takes advantage of the popular Marc Jacobs Tantastic Bronzer, which enhances her complexion flawlessly. For a radiant glow, Kathleen uses the Fenty Beauty Highlighter in Lightning Dust, creating a stunning contrast against her eye-catching eyeshadow look.

Mention of Marc Jacobs Tantastic Bronzer and Fenty Beauty Highlighter in Lightning Dust

As a seasoned beauty enthusiast, Kathleen is no stranger to incorporating products from various brands to achieve her desired makeup looks. In her video, she mentions using the Marc Jacobs Tantastic Bronzer, a cult-favorite among makeup lovers, to add warmth and definition to her face. She complements this with the Fenty Beauty Highlighter in Lightning Dust, a gorgeously pigmented formula that imparts a luminous glow to the high points of her face. By mentioning these additional products, Kathleen offers her viewers alternative options and encourages experimentation with different brands and products.

Review: Colourpop x Mulan Collection by KathleenLights

Outfit and Jewelry

Discussion about Kathleen’s outfit and jewelry in the video

Apart from showcasing the stunning Colourpop x Mulan Collection, Kathleen also highlights her outfit and jewelry choices in the video. Her outfit perfectly complements the theme of the collection, featuring vibrant colors and intricate details reminiscent of Mulan’s journey. In terms of jewelry, Kathleen dons elegant pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic without overpowering the makeup look. By discussing her outfit and jewelry, Kathleen not only adds personal touches to the video but also inspires viewers to explore fashion and accessories that align with their own makeup choices.

Including discount codes for certain brands

To show appreciation for her loyal viewers, Kathleen generously provides discount codes for certain brands featured in the video. By including these codes, Kathleen ensures that her followers can enjoy exclusive savings while indulging in their passion for beauty and fashion. It’s evident that Kathleen genuinely cares about her audience’s shopping experience and strives to make it more accessible by sharing these discount codes.

Sponsorship and Contact Information

Confirmation that the video is not sponsored by any brands

Kathleen maintains transparency throughout the video by confirming that it is not sponsored by any brands. With her honest and unbiased approach to reviewing products, viewers can trust Kathleen to provide an authentic and genuine opinion. By clearly stating that the video is not sponsored, Kathleen solidifies her credibility as a reliable source of beauty advice and recommendations.

Business inquiries contact information:

For any business inquiries, Kathleen provides her contact information, ensuring that brands can reach out to her if they are interested in collaborating. By sharing her email address, Kathleen demonstrates her openness to exploring potential partnerships and opportunities.

Affiliate codes for Morphe, Colourpop, and Ofra

At the end of the video, Kathleen generously shares her affiliate codes for Morphe, Colourpop, and Ofra. By using these codes during their purchases, viewers can enjoy discounts while supporting Kathleen as she continues to create valuable content. It’s clear that Kathleen’s dedication to her audience extends beyond product reviews, as she strives to provide her viewers with tangible benefits and savings.

Review: Colourpop x Mulan Collection by KathleenLights

Excitement about Mulan Collection

KathleenLights’ excitement about the new Mulan collection from Colourpop

Throughout the video, Kathleen exudes genuine excitement about the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. As a lifelong fan of Disney’s Mulan, Kathleen’s enthusiasm is palpable as she unboxes the collection and discovers its contents. Her infectious energy and genuine love for the theme make the viewing experience both enjoyable and relatable for her audience.

Impressed with the packaging

One aspect that particularly captures Kathleen’s attention is the packaging of the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. She expresses her admiration for the thoughtfulness and creativity that went into creating the Mulan-inspired designs, which effortlessly blend elegance and whimsy. This attention to detail contributes greatly to the overall appeal of the collection and further enhances the user experience.

How Mulan inspired KathleenLights as a child

Kathleen reminisces about her childhood, sharing how Mulan inspired her and left a lasting impact on her life. As a role model for strength, determination, and perseverance, Mulan’s character resonated deeply with Kathleen and continues to serve as a source of inspiration. By sharing her personal connection to Mulan, Kathleen invites her viewers to reflect on their own sources of inspiration and encourages them to embrace the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on our lives.

Product Testing and First Impressions

Testing out the products in the Mulan collection

Kathleen takes her viewers on a journey as she tests out the various products included in the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. She meticulously swatches the eyeshadows, applies the blushes, and shares her thoughts on the formulas. This hands-on approach allows viewers to see the products in action and make informed decisions based on Kathleen’s experience.

Review of the eyeshadow palette, blushes, lipsticks, face milk, and lip mask

In her review, Kathleen provides an in-depth analysis of the products she tests. She shares her thoughts on the pigmentation, blendability, and longevity of the eyeshadows in the Colourpop x Mulan Eyeshadow Palette. Additionally, she discusses the versatility of the blushes and how they complement a variety of skin tones. Kathleen also evaluates the lipsticks, sharing her observations on the formula, color payoff, and wear time. Finally, she explores the face milk and lip mask options, highlighting their hydrating and nourishing properties.

First impressions and thoughts on the formulas

As Kathleen tests each product, she shares her first impressions and initial thoughts on the formulas. Her honest and detailed feedback equips viewers with valuable information that can guide their purchasing decisions. Whether she deems a product highly pigmented, buttery in texture, or long-lasting, Kathleen’s insights serve as a resource for viewers who trust her expertise and seek recommendations from a fellow beauty enthusiast.

Review: Colourpop x Mulan Collection by KathleenLights

Coupon Code and Discount

Providing a coupon code for viewers to use at Colourpop

To show appreciation for her viewers, Kathleen generously provides a coupon code that viewers can use when purchasing products from the Colourpop website. This code allows viewers to enjoy exclusive discounts and savings while exploring the Colourpop x Mulan Collection or other products from the brand. By sharing this coupon code, Kathleen further enhances the accessibility of quality makeup products for her audience.

Mention of discount offers or promotions

In addition to the coupon code, Kathleen also mentions any ongoing discount offers or promotions that viewers can take advantage of. By informing her audience about these opportunities, Kathleen ensures that her viewers can maximize their savings and explore a wide range of beauty products without breaking the bank.

Wrap-Up and Overnight Testing

Wrapping up the video

In the final moments of the video, Kathleen wraps up her review of the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. She summarizes her thoughts and highlights the standout products that captured her attention during the testing process. By providing a concise recap, Kathleen ensures that viewers walk away with a clear understanding of her overall impressions.

Plans to test out the lip mask overnight

Before concluding the video, Kathleen reveals her plans to test out the lip mask from the Colourpop x Mulan Collection overnight. This added detail amplifies viewers’ anticipation and curiosity, prompting them to stay tuned for a future video where Kathleen will share her experiences and final thoughts on the product’s effectiveness.

Review: Colourpop x Mulan Collection by KathleenLights


Summarizing the overall review of the Colourpop x Mulan Collection

In conclusion, Kathleen’s review of the Colourpop x Mulan Collection serves as a comprehensive and reliable guide for viewers. Embodying her friendly and enthusiastic tone, she shares her swatches, thoughts, and first impressions on the products. Through her personal experiences and genuine excitement, Kathleen sparks intrigue and curiosity among her viewers, leaving them eager to try out the collection for themselves.

Final thoughts on the products and recommendations

Based on her extensive testing and detailed review, Kathleen offers her final thoughts on the Colourpop x Mulan Collection. She highlights the standout products, shares her recommendations, and expresses her overall satisfaction with the collection. By doing so, she empowers her viewers to make well-informed decisions and guides them towards beauty products that align with their preferences and needs.

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