Brush number 61 for lip application mentioned

In the video titled “Brush number 61 for lip application mentioned,” makeup artist Scott Barnes returns to discuss new makeup trends, techniques, and products with beauty influencer Tati Westbrook. They cover a range of topics, including contouring techniques, upcoming product releases, blush placement based on face shape, and the use of various makeup brushes and tools. Throughout the video, they provide valuable tips and recommendations for achieving different makeup looks, from bold glam to natural-looking lashes. The conversation is friendly and casual, creating an engaging and informative experience for viewers.

In this informative and friendly video, makeup artist Scott Barnes joins beauty influencer Tati Westbrook to discuss the latest makeup trends, techniques, and products. They delve into the world of contouring, showcasing Scott Barnes’ contour sticks and sharing tips for achieving a sharp jawline. They also discuss the use of different brushes, lip liners, blush placement, and mascara application. The conversation is filled with useful insights and recommendations, making it a must-watch for makeup enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest beauty trends.

Brush number 61 for lip application mentioned

Makeup Techniques and Products

Makeup techniques and products can be a fun and creative way to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a beginner just starting to explore the world of cosmetics, there are endless possibilities to experiment with. In this article, we will explore various makeup techniques and products that will help you achieve a flawless and polished look. From contouring techniques to choosing the right lashes for your eye shape, we will cover all the essential topics to help you master the art of makeup application.

Contouring Techniques

Contouring is a makeup technique that involves using darker and lighter shades to sculpt and define your facial features. By strategically applying contour and highlight products, you can enhance your bone structure and create a more defined and sculpted look. There are various contouring techniques, such as the classic three-shade method or a more subtle and natural approach. It’s important to choose shades that complement your skin tone and blend them seamlessly for a seamless and natural finish.

Use of Pink Concealer

Pink concealer is a versatile product that can be used to brighten and conceal different areas of the face. If you have dark under-eye circles, pink concealer can help neutralize the blue or purple tones, giving you a more awake and refreshed appearance. Additionally, pink concealer can also be used to cover up any redness or blemishes on the skin. It’s important to blend the concealer well with your foundation for a seamless and natural finish.

Blush Placement based on Face Shape

Blush placement is essential to create a balanced and harmonious look. Depending on your face shape, the placement of blush can vary to enhance your unique features. For example, if you have a round face, applying blush on the apples of your cheeks can help create a more defined and angular appearance. On the other hand, if you have a square face, applying blush slightly higher on the cheekbones can soften the angles and create a more feminine look. Experimenting with different blush placements can help you find the most flattering look for your face shape.

Lip Contouring with Wood Pencils

Achieving a perfectly defined lip shape is easier than you might think, thanks to the technique of lip contouring. Using a wood pencil in a shade that matches your lip color, you can create a more defined lip shape and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Start by lining your lips with the pencil, following the natural curve of your lip line. Then, fill in the rest of your lips with the pencil to create a smooth and even base. This will not only enhance the longevity of your lipstick but also give your lips a more defined and polished look.

Brush Number 61 for Lip Application

When it comes to applying lipstick, using the right brush can make all the difference. Brush number 61 is a great choice for precise and controlled lip application. The small, tapered bristles allow you to apply your lipstick with precision, ensuring a seamless and even coverage. By using a lip brush, you can also achieve a more defined lip shape and prevent any smudging or bleeding. Whether you’re going for a bold or subtle lip look, brush number 61 is a must-have tool for any makeup enthusiast.

Brow Building Techniques

Well-defined eyebrows can frame your face and make a significant impact on your overall makeup look. Brow building techniques involve filling in sparse areas of your eyebrows to create a fuller and more defined shape. Whether you prefer using a brow pencil, powder, or gel, it’s important to choose a shade that matches your natural eyebrow color. Start by outlining your desired brow shape and then fill in any sparse areas using light, feathery strokes. Finally, blend the product with a spoolie brush for a natural and seamless finish.

Contour Palette for Different Hair Colors

When it comes to contouring, choosing the right shades for your hair color is crucial for a natural and cohesive look. Using a contour palette that offers shades specifically designed for different hair colors can make the process easier and more effective. For example, if you have blonde hair, using lighter taupe shades for contouring can create a subtle and natural effect. On the other hand, if you have dark hair, opting for deeper brown shades can create a more dramatic and defined look. By choosing a contour palette tailored to your hair color, you can enhance your features in a way that complements your overall look.

Senna Brow Gel for Brow Filling and Lifting

Achieving perfectly groomed eyebrows can be a challenge, especially if you have unruly or sparse brows. Senna Brow Gel is a fantastic product that can help you fill in and lift your brows. This lightweight gel formula allows you to shape and define your brows while providing a natural-looking hold throughout the day. The unique brush applicator makes it easy to apply the product evenly and create a polished and well-groomed brow look. Whether you have thick or thin brows, Senna Brow Gel is a must-have product for achieving flawless and lifted eyebrows.

Soft Look with Brown Eyeshadow

For a soft and natural makeup look, brown eyeshadow is a versatile and flattering choice. Whether you’re going for a daytime or evening look, brown eyeshadow can add depth and dimension to your eyes without looking too heavy or dramatic. Start by applying a medium-toned brown shade all over your eyelid, then use a darker shade to define your crease and outer corner. Finally, blend the shades together using a fluffy brush for a seamless and natural finish. Brown eyeshadow is a timeless beauty staple that suits all eye colors and is perfect for creating a soft and romantic look.

Winger Brush 63 for Tightlining and Cut Crease

Achieving a winged liner or cut crease look can be a challenge, but with the right tools, it becomes much easier. Winger Brush 63 is a fantastic brush for precise and controlled application. Its angled shape allows you to create a sharp and defined line, whether you’re tightlining your upper lash line or creating a dramatic cut crease look. By using Winger Brush 63, you can achieve professional-looking eye makeup with ease and precision.

Fluff Brush 62 for Eyeshadow Blending

Eyeshadow blending is a crucial step to achieve a seamless and professional-looking eye makeup look. Fluff Brush 62 is a perfect tool for blending eyeshadows effortlessly. Its fluffy and tapered bristles allow you to blend the edges of eyeshadows seamlessly, creating a smooth and gradient effect. By using Fluff Brush 62, you can easily achieve a professional and well-blended eyeshadow look.

Using a Wet Brush for Eyeshadow Blending

Sometimes, using a wet brush can help intensify the color payoff and create a more vibrant eyeshadow look. By lightly spraying your eyeshadow brush with water or a setting spray, you can transform your regular eyeshadows into highly pigmented and long-lasting shades. However, it’s important to use this technique sparingly and ensure that you’re not saturating your brush with too much water, as it can affect the texture and performance of the eyeshadow. When used correctly, a wet brush can be a fantastic tool to elevate your eyeshadow game.

Applying a Color Wash with a Big Brush

If you’re looking for a quick and effortless eye makeup look, applying a color wash with a big brush is the way to go. A big, fluffy brush allows you to apply a sheer layer of eyeshadow all over your eyelid, creating a soft and diffused effect. This technique is perfect for those who prefer a more natural and understated eye look. By choosing a shade that complements your skin tone, you can create a beautiful and effortless eye makeup look in seconds.

Cheap Mascara Recommendation

When it comes to mascara, you don’t always have to break the bank to achieve stunning lashes. There are plenty of affordable options available that deliver excellent results. One cheap mascara recommendation is Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. This cult-favorite mascara provides length, volume, and separation without clumping. Its small wand allows for precise application and reaching even the tiniest lashes. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is a budget-friendly option that will give you fluttery and defined lashes without breaking the bank.

Removing Excess Mascara with Paper Towel

After applying mascara, it’s not uncommon to end up with excess product on your lashes. To avoid clumping and create a more natural look, you can remove the excess mascara with a paper towel. Gently press a folded paper towel against your lashes and lightly pinch them between your thumb and forefinger. This will help remove any excess product and separate the lashes for a more defined and lifted look. Taking the extra step to remove excess mascara can make a significant difference in the final result of your eye makeup.

Using Mascara Wand to Separate and Lift Lashes

Sometimes, even the best mascaras can create clumps or tangles on your lashes. To separate and lift your lashes, you can use the mascara wand itself as a comb. After applying your mascara, take the wand and gently glide it through your lashes, starting from the root to the tip. This will help separate any clumps and create a more fluttery and defined look. By using the mascara wand as a comb, you can achieve beautiful, separated lashes with minimal effort.

Natural-Looking Lashes from Ardell

Ardell is a trusted and popular brand when it comes to false lashes. If you’re looking to enhance your natural lashes without going over the top, Ardell offers a range of natural-looking lashes that blend seamlessly with your own. Whether you’re looking for length, volume, or both, Ardell has a variety of styles to choose from. Their lashes are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be easily applied with adhesive. With Ardell lashes, you can achieve that coveted “my lashes but better” look with ease.

The Concept of a ‘Drunk Lash’

The term ‘drunk lash’ refers to the technique of deliberately applying mascara in a less precise and more tousled manner. This technique creates a slightly messy and undone lash look, adding a touch of playfulness to your eye makeup. To achieve a ‘drunk lash’ effect, start by applying multiple coats of mascara, wiggling the wand from side to side as you go. This will create a clumpier and voluminous look, mimicking the appearance of slightly disheveled lashes. The ‘drunk lash’ technique is perfect for when you want to add a bit of attitude and edge to your overall makeup look.

Choosing Lashes for Eye Shape

Choosing the right lashes for your eye shape can make a significant difference in how they enhance your overall makeup look. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you can opt for lashes that are longer in the center to elongate your eye shape. For round eyes, lashes that are flared and wispy on the outer corners can create a more elongated and cat-eye effect. Hooded eyes can benefit from lashes that are evenly distributed and not too long, as they can help open up the eyes without overwhelming them. By considering your eye shape when choosing lashes, you can achieve a more balanced and flattering look.

Enhancing the Look with Blush and Highlighter

Blush and highlighter are two essential products that can instantly enhance your complexion and add a healthy glow to your makeup look. Blush adds a touch of color to your cheeks, bringing life and dimension to your face. Whether you prefer a natural pink tone or a bolder coral shade, applying blush to the apples of your cheeks can create a youthful and radiant appearance.

Highlighter, on the other hand, adds a luminous and dewy glow to your skin. Applying highlighter to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bone, and bridge of the nose, can create a beautiful and ethereal effect. By combining blush and highlighter, you can achieve a well-rounded and radiant makeup look that enhances your natural beauty.

Pave Powder with Big Brush for Final Touch

After applying your foundation, concealer, and other face products, setting your makeup with powder is essential for a long-lasting and polished look. Pave powder, when applied with a big brush, is a fantastic option for setting your makeup. The large brush allows for quick and even application, ensuring that your makeup stays in place throughout the day. By lightly dusting pave powder all over your face, you can create a smooth and flawless finish that keeps your makeup intact.

Applying Mascara to Lashes

Applying mascara to your lashes is the final step in completing your eye makeup look. Start by placing the wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle it from side to side as you sweep the wand upward. This technique helps coat each lash evenly and create volume and separation. Repeat this process on both the upper and lower lashes for a more balanced look. By applying mascara to your lashes, you can define and amplify your eyes, giving them a more voluminous and captivating appearance.

Appearance on Camera while Applying Makeup

When applying makeup for a camera appearance, there are a few things to consider to ensure that your look translates well on screen. First, it’s important to use products that are specifically formulated for photography or video, as they are designed to withstand the lighting and often result in a more matte finish. Additionally, be mindful of your lighting setup and avoid using too much reflective or shimmery products that can create unwanted glare or shine. Lastly, remember that blending is key, as any harsh lines or unblended areas can be more pronounced on camera. Take your time to blend your products seamlessly for a flawless and professional look.


Mastering makeup techniques and choosing the right products can truly transform your beauty routine and elevate your overall look. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, experimenting with different techniques and products allows you to discover what works best for you. By incorporating contouring techniques, choosing the right makeup brushes, and being mindful of your face shape and hair color, you can enhance your natural features and achieve a flawless and polished appearance. Remember to always have fun with your makeup and embrace your unique beauty. Don’t forget to invite viewers for feedback and suggestions, as learning and improving is a continuous journey in the world of makeup.

Brush number 61 for lip application mentioned

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