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Review and thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation

In this article, we will be reviewing and sharing our thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation. We recently came across a video by KathleenLights where she tested out this foundation and compared it to a discontinued favorite of hers. Along with the foundation, she used several other products such as concealer, setting powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, and mascara.

In the video, KathleenLights also mentioned her nail polish line, KL POLISH, and her collaboration with Colourpop for liquid lipsticks. She provided her business contact email and shared her social media handles. KathleenLights discussed the application and coverage of the foundation, as well as observations on oxidization and undertones. She also shared her overall impressions and plans for future updates. Furthermore, she recommended using a pore minimizing primer before applying this foundation as it tends to accentuate pores. She mentioned purchasing the Dior Backstage glow face palette and shared her thoughts on it. KathleenLights expressed that the foundation had good coverage and looked natural on the skin, but it was not as sheer and dewy as other face and body foundations.

After wearing it for almost 7 hours, she noticed some fading in certain areas of the foundation but still liked how it looked on her skin. She mentioned that the foundation made her dry skin look dewy and slightly oily in the T-zone. Additionally, she did not experience any flashback in photos taken with this foundation. However, she acknowledged the high price tag and expressed interest in further testing to determine if it was worth it.

Moving on to the video itself, KathleenLights opened with her usual friendly greeting and apologized for the first impressions format, as she believed that foundation reviews were more reliable than first impressions. She explained her excitement to try the new Dior Face + Body Foundation for the first time and how highly requested it had been by her viewers. She expressed her love for the iconic Makeup Forever Face + Body Foundation, which unfortunately was discontinued and replaced with a different formula that didn’t live up to the original. KathleenLights then talked about her history with face and body foundations, including her former favorite, the MAC face and body foundation.

She mentioned that it broke her out, leading her to switch to the Makeup Forever one. With the release of the Dior face and body foundation, she hoped it could become her new favorite. She described the Dior foundation as professional, performance-based, waterproof, sweat-resistant, and customizable with a natural, glowy finish. KathleenLights discussed her choice of shade and her initial thoughts on the color. She mentioned applying her moisturizer as a base and then proceeded to apply the foundation using both a brush and a beauty blender. She compared the two methods and explained why she preferred using a brush with this type of foundation. KathleenLights shared her observations on the coverage and initial performance of the Dior foundation. She mentioned that it provided more coverage than the Makeup Forever one but wasn’t as natural-looking. Despite some minor concerns with smile lines and foundation gathering in certain areas, she overall liked the finish and appearance of the foundation on her skin. KathleenLights concluded the video by emphasizing the need for further testing to determine whether the high price tag of the foundation was justified.

In summary, this article will delve into the detailed review and thoughts shared by KathleenLights in her video on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation. We will explore her experience with the product, her comparisons to other foundations, and her overall impressions. Stay tuned for the full analysis and insights on this highly anticipated foundation!

Review and Thoughts on the New Dior Face + Body Foundation

Review and thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation

Application and Coverage

When it comes to the application of the Dior Face + Body Foundation, you’ll find that it glides onto your skin effortlessly. The lightweight consistency of the foundation allows for easy blending and ensures an even application. Whether you prefer using a beauty blender or a foundation brush, you’ll achieve a smooth and seamless finish with this product.

Moving on to coverage, the Dior Face + Body Foundation offers a buildable coverage that can be customized to your preference. For those looking for a sheer and natural look, a thin layer of foundation will provide just the right amount of coverage to even out your skin tone. On the other hand, if you desire a more flawless and full-coverage finish, simply layer the foundation until you achieve the desired effect.

Oxidization and Undertone Observations

Oxidization is a common concern when it comes to foundations, but rest assured that the Dior Face + Body Foundation handles this issue gracefully. This foundation has a formulation that minimizes the risk of oxidization, which means that the color will remain true to its initial shade throughout the day.

In terms of undertones, the Dior Face + Body Foundation offers a wide range of shades to cater to different skin undertones. From cool undertones to warm undertones, you’ll find a shade that suits your complexion perfectly. When selecting a shade, it’s important to test it on your skin to ensure it matches your undertone accurately.

Overall Impressions and Future Updates

Overall, the Dior Face + Body Foundation has left a positive impression with its exceptional application, customizable coverage, and resistance to oxidization. However, to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date review, I plan to continue testing this foundation in various conditions and situations. I will analyze its performance in different climates, during physical activities, and assess its longevity throughout the day.

Additionally, I will compare the Dior Face + Body Foundation to other popular face + body foundations on the market to give you a better understanding of how it stands against its competitors. Keeping you informed and updated with the latest findings will ensure that you have all the necessary information before making your purchasing decision.

Pore Minimizing Primer Recommendation

If you’re looking to enhance the performance of the Dior Face + Body Foundation and minimize the appearance of pores, I highly recommend pairing it with a pore minimizing primer. While the foundation itself does a good job of blurring imperfections and providing a smoother base, a primer specifically targeted towards pore reduction will take it a step further.

By applying a pore minimizing primer before the foundation, you create a smoother canvas for the product to adhere to, resulting in a more flawless finish. The primer will help to fill in any visible pores, creating a smoother and more refined look. This combination of the Dior Face + Body Foundation and a pore minimizing primer will give you a truly airbrushed effect.

Review and thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation

The Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette

The Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette is the perfect companion to the Dior Face + Body Foundation if you’re aiming for a radiant and luminous complexion. Unboxing this palette is a delight in itself, as the sleek packaging and luxurious feel create an exceptional first impression.

Inside the palette, you’ll find a selection of shades that cater to a range of skin tones. From soft golds to champagne tones, this palette offers options for those seeking a subtle glow or a more intense highlight. The texture of the powders is finely milled, ensuring a seamless blend and delivering a luminosity that catches the light beautifully.

Foundation’s Natural Look and Coverage

When it comes to achieving a natural and effortless look, the Dior Face + Body Foundation excels. Compared to other sheer and dewy foundations on the market, this foundation strikes the perfect balance between evening out the skin tone and maintaining a lightweight finish. It provides a natural glow without appearing overly radiant or greasy.

What sets the Dior Face + Body Foundation apart is its ability to provide buildable coverage without compromising its natural appearance. Whether you’re looking to simply even out your skin tone or cover up minor imperfections, you can easily customize the coverage to suit your preference. It blends seamlessly into your skin, leaving you with a healthy and luminous complexion.

Review and thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation

Longevity and Wear Test

To truly assess the longevity and endurance of the Dior Face + Body Foundation, a wear test was conducted to evaluate its performance throughout the day. The foundation held up admirably during the wear test, with minimal fading observed even after several hours of wear.

Areas such as the nose and chin, which tend to be more prone to fading, showed a slight decrease in coverage towards the end of the day. However, overall, the foundation maintained its integrity and provided a comfortable wear.

The Dior Face + Body Foundation also impressed with its ability to withstand different climates and conditions. Whether facing the humidity of a summer day or the coolness of an air-conditioned room, this foundation stayed in place without feeling heavy or caked on the skin.

Dewy Finish and Effect on Dry Skin

For those with dry skin, the Dior Face + Body Foundation is a great option to achieve a dewy and hydrated finish. The formulation of this foundation ensures that it doesn’t cling to dry patches or emphasize any flakiness.

Upon application, the foundation instantly adds a healthy glow to the skin, providing a natural, luminous finish. It hydrates the skin and gives it a plump appearance, making it look more radiant and youthful. If you have dry skin and struggle to find foundations that don’t highlight dry patches, the Dior Face + Body Foundation is definitely worth considering.

Review and thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation

Photography Results and Absence of Flashbacks

One of the key concerns when choosing a foundation is how it photographs, particularly in situations where flash photography is involved. The Dior Face + Body Foundation performed exceptionally well in this aspect, with no instances of flashback observed during test photoshoots.

The foundation’s formulation, combined with the way it interacts with light, ensures that your skin looks natural and flawless in photographs. You can confidently capture special moments without worrying about your foundation appearing stark or unnatural under camera flashes.

Price and Worthiness

The Dior Face + Body Foundation does come with a higher price tag compared to some other foundations on the market. However, considering its performance, versatility, and the brand’s reputation for quality, this foundation certainly holds its own in terms of worthiness.

To ensure a comprehensive assessment of the foundation’s worthiness, further testing and comparisons to other foundations within a similar price range will be conducted. This will provide a clearer understanding of whether the Dior Face + Body Foundation offers a unique and worthwhile experience compared to its competitors.

In conclusion, the Dior Face + Body Foundation impresses with its easy application, customizable coverage, resistance to oxidization, and suitability for a range of undertones. While it is on the pricier side, the quality and performance of this foundation make it a solid investment. Whether you’re looking for a natural, dewy finish or a flawless full coverage look, the Dior Face + Body Foundation is a versatile option that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Review and thoughts on the new Dior Face + Body Foundation

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