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Tati’s Makeup Review and Tutorial with Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette

In today’s video, Tati Westbrook shares her excitement about her latest makeup review and tutorial featuring Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette. Tati discusses various products that she tested, including the Booster H from Medi Cube, a clinically backed tool for safe daily use that offers benefits such as improved skin texture and reduced fine lines. Tati shares her favorite makeup brands, provides promo codes for discounts, and highlights the importance of using quality skincare products. With her friendly and informative tone, Tati invites viewers to join her in exploring new makeup palettes and techniques for a flawless and radiant look.

As the video progresses, Tati showcases her makeup application skills and demonstrates how the Booster H enhances the absorption of skincare products, providing a luxurious spa-like experience at home. She emphasizes that the Booster H is suitable for all skin types and gives immediate and measurable results. Tati’s passion for makeup and her dedication to delivering honest reviews and helpful tutorials shines through, making this video a must-watch for beauty enthusiasts looking to elevate their skincare and makeup routines.

Tatis Makeup Review and Tutorial with Huda Beautys Empowered Palette

Background Information

Before diving into the review and tutorial, let’s get some background information on the topic at hand. Makeup is a form of self-expression and has become an important part of many people’s daily routines. With so many beauty brands and products on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are worth trying. That’s where makeup reviews and tutorials come in handy. They not only give you an in-depth look at a specific product or brand but also provide helpful tips and tricks to achieve your desired look. In this article, we will explore Tati Westbrook’s makeup review and tutorial featuring Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette.

Introduction to Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrook, also known as GlamLifeGuru, is a well-known beauty YouTuber with a massive following. Her love for makeup and all things beauty is infectious, and she has become a trusted source for honest and comprehensive makeup reviews. Tati’s passion for quality products and her dedication to providing her viewers with valuable information make her stand out in the beauty community.

Excitement about the Video

In this particular video, Tati exudes her usual energy and excitement. You can tell that she is eager to delve into the review and tutorial featuring the Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette. Tati’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it immediately draws you in, making you excited to see what she has in store.

Hope for Viewers’ Enjoyment

Tati genuinely wants her viewers to enjoy her videos and find them helpful. She understands the importance of having a reliable source for beauty information, and she strives to be that source for her audience. Through her warm and friendly tone, she reassures viewers that they are in for a treat, promising a detailed review and a stunning makeup tutorial. With Tati, you know you’re in good hands.

Products Mentioned

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the video. There are various products mentioned in Tati’s makeup review and tutorial, each of which plays a unique role in creating the final look. Tati carefully selects the products she uses, ensuring they are of high quality and perform well. Some of the products you can expect to see in this video include:

  1. Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette: This palette is the star of the show. With its stunning range of shades and buttery formula, it’s no wonder Tati chose to feature it in her tutorial. She explores the palette’s different shades and shows you different ways to create beautiful eye looks.
  2. Patrick Ta’s Monochrome Moment Velvet Blush: Tati uses a blush from Patrick Ta’s line to add a flush of color to her cheeks. The velvet texture and long-wearing formula make this blush a must-have in any makeup collection.
  3. Viseart’s Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette: Tati incorporates another eyeshadow palette into her tutorial, this time from Viseart. This palette is known for its highly pigmented, blendable formula, making it perfect for creating seamless eye looks.
  4. Crunchy Coconut Milk Face Mask: Tati takes a moment to indulge in some self-care by applying a face mask from Crunchy. The coconut milk-infused formula provides deep hydration and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

These are just a few of the products mentioned in Tati’s video. Each serves a specific purpose and contributes to the overall makeup look.

Promo Code

Tati is known for her generosity and always loves to treat her viewers. In this video, she shares an exclusive promo code ‘TATI40’, which provides a whopping 40% discount on Medicube products. This promo code is a fantastic opportunity to try out some of Tati’s favorite skincare products at a reduced price. Tati’s dedication to her viewers is evident in her willingness to provide such a significant discount. So, be sure to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

Tatis Makeup Review and Tutorial with Huda Beautys Empowered Palette

Contact Information

Tati understands the importance of staying connected with her viewers. She wants to create an open line of communication where her audience can reach out to her with questions or feedback. To achieve this, she provides various contact information channels. You can connect with Tati through her social media handles, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, Tati encourages her viewers to reach out to her via email. Whether you have a pressing question or just want to say hello, Tati is there to listen and engage with her audience.

Affiliation with Medicube

Tati’s affiliation with Medicube is another exciting aspect of this video. Medicube is a skincare brand known for its effective and gentle products. Tati has been working closely with Medicube to curate a collection of skincare products that cater to all skin types and concerns. Throughout the video, Tati emphasizes her genuine belief in the quality and efficacy of Medicube’s products. Her affiliation with the brand allows her to bring exclusive deals and discounts to her viewers, showcasing her commitment to providing value.

Tatis Makeup Review and Tutorial with Huda Beautys Empowered Palette

PR Mailing Address

For all the beauty enthusiasts out there, Tati provides her PR mailing address in the video. This address is essential for brands looking to collaborate with Tati or send her products for review. It’s a testament to Tati’s professional approach to her channel and her dedication to maintaining open lines of communication with brands and her viewers.

Tati’s Expertise as a Makeup Reviewer

Tati’s experience and expertise as a makeup reviewer shine through in every video she creates. She has spent years testing and analyzing countless beauty products, allowing her to develop a sharp eye for quality and performance. In her videos, Tati not only shares her honest opinions but also provides valuable tips, tricks, and product recommendations. Her extensive knowledge and keen attention to detail make her an incredibly reliable source for beauty information.

Sharing Tips, Tricks, and Favorites

One of the things that sets Tati apart is her willingness to share her favorite beauty hacks and techniques. Throughout the video, Tati drops little nuggets of wisdom, such as how to make your eyeshadow more intense or how to achieve a flawless base. These tips and tricks come from personal experience and experimentation, ensuring that her viewers can benefit from her expertise.

Expertise in Makeup Testing and Analysis

As a makeup reviewer, Tati understands the importance of thorough testing. She goes above and beyond to ensure that she provides her viewers with accurate and comprehensive information about each product she reviews. Tati’s attention to detail is evident in the way she describes the texture, pigmentation, and longevity of the products she tries. Her ability to articulate her findings in an engaging and relatable manner further solidifies her reputation as a skilled makeup reviewer.

Tatis Makeup Review and Tutorial with Huda Beautys Empowered Palette

Introduction to Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette

Now, let’s take a closer look at the star of Tati’s makeup review and tutorial: Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette. This palette has been highly anticipated, and Tati is excited to explore its potential. The Empowered Palette features an array of beautiful shades that range from wearable neutrals to bold pops of color. The formula is known for its blendability and pigmentation, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced makeup enthusiasts. Tati takes her time to showcase each shade and demonstrates how they can be used to create stunning and versatile eye looks.

Introducing the Booster H from Medi Cube

In addition to the makeup products, Tati introduces a skincare product called the Booster H from Medi Cube. This serum aims to hydrate and brighten the skin, providing a healthy and radiant complexion. Tati explains the benefits of incorporating a serum like the Booster H into your skincare routine, emphasizing the importance of hydration and nourishment for the skin.

Tatis Makeup Review and Tutorial with Huda Beautys Empowered Palette

Benefits of Using the Booster H

The Booster H offers several benefits for the skin. Firstly, it helps to replenish and lock in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day. This is particularly important for those with dry or dehydrated skin. Secondly, the ingredients in the serum work together to brighten and improve the overall radiance of the skin. With continued use, you can expect a more even skin tone and a youthful glow. Lastly, the lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin.

The Air Shot from Medi Cube

Another exciting product Tati mentions is the Air Shot from Medi Cube. This mist delivers a fine, hydrating mist to the skin, providing an instant burst of freshness. Tati incorporates this into her makeup routine, using it as a setting spray and to refresh her skin throughout the day. The Air Shot is infused with beneficial ingredients that help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin while providing a cooling sensation. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their skincare routine.

Makeup Tutorial featuring Products from Patrick Ta, Viseart, and Crunchy

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the makeup tutorial! Tati takes us through a step-by-step process of creating a beautiful makeup look using the products mentioned earlier. The tutorial is easy to follow, with Tati providing clear instructions and helpful tips along the way. She demonstrates how to achieve a flawless base, create dimension on the eyes, and add a pop of color to the cheeks. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll be left feeling inspired to try out different looks and explore your creativity with makeup.


Tati Westbrook’s makeup review and tutorial featuring Huda Beauty’s Empowered Palette is a treasure trove of information for any beauty enthusiast. Tati’s expertise, passion, and commitment shine through in every aspect of the video. From the in-depth product reviews to the easy-to-follow tutorial, Tati ensures that her viewers are equipped with the knowledge and inspiration they need to enhance their makeup skills. So, sit back, relax, and let Tati guide you through an incredible journey of beauty and self-expression.

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