Steal Kim Kardashian’s Drugstore Nail Polish Secret for Red Carpet Glam

Kim Kardashian, often associated with all things luxurious, recently surprised us with a simpler beauty choice. At the Baby2Baby Gala an event focused on philanthropy, Kim showed up in her usual high-end fashion but added a twist of everyday charm.

In this article, we’ll zoom in on her nail choice – a detail that made her look both elegant and accessible. Get ready to discover the nail polish that turned Kim’s red-carpet appearance into an everyday style statement, and how you can achieve this chic look yourself. Let’s dive into the details of Kim Kardashian’s approachable yet sophisticated manicure choice.

The Unexpected Choice of Nail Polish

In a setting where one would expect nothing less than the most exclusive brands, Kardashian’s choice of nail polish stood out for its simplicity and accessibility. Brittany Boyce, her trusted manicurist, opted for a product far from the high-end spectrum – Essie’s drugstore nail polish. This decision was a breath of fresh air in the often opulent world of celebrity beauty routines.

Essie Fairy Tailor
Essie Fairy Tailor

Crafting the Look: A Step-by-Step Approach

Boyce’s approach to creating Kardashian’s nail look was meticulously simple yet elegant. She started with two layers of Essie’s Gel Couture polish in Fairy Tailor, a delicate pinkish-nude shade that complemented the sheer elegance of Kardashian’s gown. For those inspired to replicate this look, remember to begin with a base coat for the most even and enduring results.

After the color application, Boyce finalized the manicure with Essie’s Gel Couture Top Coat. This not only added a glossy finish but also ensured the durability of the nail polish, a must for any red-carpet appearance. Kardashian’s cuticles received their share of pampering too, with Essie’s On a Roll Apricot Cuticle Oil, blending nourishment with style.

@nails_of_la instagram
@nails_of_la instagram

Beyond the Nails: Completing the Red Carpet Look

Kardashian’s overall look for the event was a harmonious blend of understated and bold elements. Her skin, flawlessly matte, was accentuated with vivid pink blush. Her eyes were framed with a dramatic cat-eye liner, complemented by a touch of glittery eyeshadow. The makeup ensemble was completed with a nude lipstick, closely matching her skin tone. Her iconic wavy, middle-parted hair added the final touch of glamour to her ensemble.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Significance of Kardashian’s Choice

The decision to use a drugstore brand for a high-profile event like the Baby2Baby Gala speaks volumes about the changing landscape of beauty. It demonstrates that elegance and style are not exclusive to luxury brands. Drugstore products, often overlooked, can offer a level of sophistication that rivals their more expensive counterparts.

This choice by Kardashian and Boyce reflects a growing trend in the beauty industry – the recognition and appreciation of affordable brands. It proves that effective and stylish beauty solutions are accessible to all, regardless of budget.

Conclusion: Embracing Accessibility in Beauty

Kim Kardashian’s choice of a drugstore nail polish is more than a beauty decision; it’s a statement in the beauty and fashion world. It highlights the versatility and quality of accessible beauty products and serves as a reminder that elegance and style are achievable, no matter the price point. Her look at the Baby2Baby Gala is a lesson in embracing simplicity and accessibility, proving that true glamour often lies in the most unexpected choices.

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