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KathleenLights’ Massive Makeup Haul and Review from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom

In KathleenLights’ latest video, she shares an exciting makeup haul from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom. Throughout the video, she tries on various products, providing her honest thoughts and opinions on each of them. From primers and foundations to bronzers and lip liners, Kathleen covers a wide range of products from popular brands like Morphe, Gucci, and Chanel. She also includes details on the jewelry she’s wearing and the makeup on her eyes, giving viewers a complete look into her haul. This non-sponsored video is filled with informative content, discount codes for OFRA and MORPHE, and even includes Kathleen’s contact information for business inquiries.

In her new video, KathleenLights presents a massive makeup haul from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom. With a variety of products from different brands like Chanel, Morphe, and Patrick Ta, she dives into trying them on and sharing her initial impressions. From primers and foundations to bronzers and lip liners, Kathleen covers all the essential makeup items. Additionally, she mentions the unique packaging of certain products, highlights her preferences for certain types of makeup tools, and even provides discount codes for OFRA and MORPHE products. With her friendly and informative approach, KathleenLights presents an enjoyable and insightful video for makeup enthusiasts.

KathleenLights Massive Makeup Haul and Review from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom

Overview of KathleenLights’ Makeup Haul

Introduction to KathleenLights’ new video

In her latest video, popular beauty influencer KathleenLights shares an exciting makeup haul, showcasing her recent purchases and offering her thoughts on each product. Known for her honest and friendly approach to reviewing cosmetics, KathleenLights brings her expertise and unique perspective to this highly anticipated video.

Brands and stores mentioned

Throughout the video, KathleenLights mentions a variety of both high-end and drugstore brands. Some of the brands featured include NARS, Fenty Beauty, ColourPop, Maybelline, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. She also shares her shopping experience at different stores, including Sephora, Ulta, and her favorite online beauty retailers.

Types of products purchased

KathleenLights’ makeup haul includes a wide range of products, catering to every aspect of a complete makeup look. Viewers can expect to see primers, face serums, foundations, bronzers, blushers, highlighters, lip liners, eye makeup products, and even some beautiful jewelry and accessories that tie the whole look together.

Kathleen’s Thoughts on Primers

First impressions of the purchased primers

KathleenLights starts off the primer section by sharing her initial thoughts upon trying each product. She describes the texture, scent, and application process, giving viewers a better understanding of what to expect.

Comparison of different primers

To help her audience make informed decisions, KathleenLights dives deeper into the comparison of different primers. She discusses their unique properties, such as pore-filling abilities, hydration levels, and oil control. She highlights the pros and cons of each option, allowing viewers to choose the primer that suits their specific needs.

Performance of the primers

The ultimate test lies in how well these primers perform throughout the day. KathleenLights meticulously analyzes the longevity of each primer, evaluating whether they prevent makeup from creasing, fading, or breaking apart. She also considers factors such as how well they work with different foundations and how they interact with various skin types.

Review of Face Serums

Purchased face serums

As KathleenLights moves on to discussing face serums, she introduces the audience to the serums she recently added to her collection. She reveals the brand names, emphasizing the benefits and unique qualities of each product.

Effects and benefits of each serum

In this section, KathleenLights delves into an in-depth analysis of the effects and benefits that each serum claims to provide. She evaluates their potential to address specific skin concerns, such as hydration, brightening, and anti-aging properties. She also highlights any noticeable improvements she experiences after using the serums for an extended period.

Recommendations for specific skin types

Understanding that different individuals have unique skin types and concerns, KathleenLights offers helpful recommendations based on her experience with the serums. Whether someone has dry, oily, or combination skin, she provides suggestions on which serum might be best suited for their specific needs, ensuring her audience can make informed decisions.

Foundations: Hits and Misses

Different foundation brands tried

KathleenLights takes her audience through a journey of different foundation brands she experimented with. She discusses both high-end and drugstore options, shedding light on the pros and cons of each and emphasizing her overall impressions.

Opinions on coverage and finish

One of the crucial aspects of a foundation is its coverage and finish, and KathleenLights doesn’t hold back in providing her honest opinions. She assesses factors like buildability, ability to conceal imperfections, and the desired finish achieved with each foundation.

Longevity and wearability

To truly understand the quality of a foundation, its longevity and wearability are essential factors to consider. KathleenLights puts these foundations to the test, discussing how well they withstand the natural oils of the skin and the wear and tear of everyday activities. She also considers their performance under different weather conditions, providing valuable insights for her viewers.

KathleenLights Massive Makeup Haul and Review from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom

Bronzers, Blushers, and Highlighters

Impressions of bronzer shades and formulas

KathleenLights moves on to discussing her impressions of the bronzer shades and formulas she purchased. She evaluates factors such as pigmentation, blendability, and the ability to create a natural sun-kissed glow. Her friendly tone ensures viewers trust her judgment as she guides them through each bronzer option.

Review of blush colors and pigmentation

Blush is an essential component of completing a makeup look, and KathleenLights shares her thoughts on the blush colors she acquired. She analyzes their pigmentation, the ability to create a natural flush, and their suitability for various skin tones.

Thoughts on the performance of highlighters

Highlighters add a final touch of glow to a makeup look, and KathleenLights explores the performance of the highlighters she purchased. She examines the shades, the intensity of the glow they provide, and their ability to accentuate the high points of the face. Her descriptive review helps viewers understand the level of shimmer and shine they can expect from each product.

Examining Kathleen’s Lip Liner Collection

Various lip liner brands showcased

KathleenLights showcases her lip liner collection, featuring various brands known for their quality and range of shades. She describes the packaging, ease of application, and the overall experience of using each lip liner.

Texture, pigmentation, and longevity

To gauge the quality of these lip liners, KathleenLights examines their texture, pigmentation, and longevity. She shares whether they glide on smoothly, the intensity of the color payoff, and how well they last throughout the day. Her insights help viewers choose lip liners that will enhance their lip looks and withstand everyday activities.

Favorite shades and recommendations

KathleenLights reveals her favorite lip liner shades and provides recommendations for different occasions and skin tones. Whether someone prefers nude, bold, or vampy lip looks, she ensures that her viewers have options that will suit their personal preferences and enhance their overall makeup looks.

KathleenLights Massive Makeup Haul and Review from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom

Details on Kathleen’s Eye Makeup

Makeup products used on the eyes

Moving on to eye makeup, KathleenLights shares the makeup products she used to create her eye look in the video. She discusses the eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and mascaras she applied, giving viewers a comprehensive understanding of the products she used to achieve her desired eye look.

Shades and techniques applied

KathleenLights dives deep into the eyeshadow shades she utilized, explaining the color combinations and placement techniques she employed. Her friendly and relatable tone encourages viewers to experiment and recreate the eye look themselves.

Overall eye makeup look

After providing a detailed breakdown of the eyeshadow shades and techniques, KathleenLights steps back to showcase her overall eye makeup look. She discusses how the eye makeup contributes to the overall completed look, ensuring her viewers understand the importance of a well-executed eye look in a makeup routine.

Jewelry and Accessories Mentioned

Description of the featured jewelry

KathleenLights not only focuses on makeup but also shares the stunning jewelry and accessories that complement her makeup look. She describes the featured pieces, discussing their design, materials, and how they add an extra touch of style to her overall appearance.

How the jewelry complements the makeup

In this section, KathleenLights explains how each piece of jewelry complements her makeup look. She highlights specific colors or styles that tie in with the eyeshadow shades, blush colors, or lip shades she chose. Her attention to detail and ability to coordinate accessories with makeup demonstrate her keen eye for aesthetics.

Impressions of the overall look

KathleenLights concludes this section by sharing her overall impressions of how the jewelry and accessories contribute to her final look. She discusses the impact they have on her confidence, outfit choice, and how they elevated her overall appearance. Her insights help viewers understand the importance of considering accessories as a finishing touch to any makeup look.

KathleenLights Massive Makeup Haul and Review from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom

Discount Codes and Business Inquiries

OFRA and MORPHE discount codes provided

As a trusted influencer, KathleenLights offers her viewers exclusive discount codes for popular brands such as OFRA and MORPHE. She shares the codes, enabling her audience to take advantage of discounts and savings when purchasing their favorite products.

Contact information for business inquiries

In this section, KathleenLights provides her contact information for business inquiries. She invites brands, sponsors, and collaborators to reach out to her, fostering relationships and opening doors for potential partnerships.

Importance of transparency in sponsorships

As a responsible influencer, KathleenLights emphasizes the importance of transparency in sponsorships. She discusses the significance of honest and genuine recommendations and assures her viewers that her opinions are unbiased, regardless of any potential sponsorships. Her commitment to integrity and transparency resonates with her audience, fostering trust and loyalty.


Highlights of the makeup haul and review

In the conclusion of her video, KathleenLights summarizes the highlights of her makeup haul and review. She reminds her viewers of the standout products that impressed her throughout the video, ensuring they have a concise overview of the most notable items.

Insights on KathleenLights’ preferences

By sharing her thoughts and preferences throughout the video, KathleenLights offers valuable insights into her personal makeup preferences. Her audience gains a better understanding of the types of products and brands that she gravitates towards, which can help them gauge whether her recommendations align with their own preferences.

Final thoughts on the quality of products

In her final thoughts, KathleenLights reflects on the overall quality of the products she reviewed in the video. She acknowledges that everyone’s experience may vary but assures her audience that she takes the time to thoroughly test and evaluate each product before sharing her thoughts. Her honest and friendly tone leaves viewers feeling confident and informed when considering their own purchases.

KathleenLights Massive Makeup Haul and Review from Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom

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