Bella Hadid: The Modern Supermodel’s Guide To Retro Beauty

Dive into the world of high-fashion beauty with the quintessential style icon of our times, Bella Hadid. Known for her sculpted features and a transformative approach to beauty, Bella flawlessly captures the allure of eras gone by, making them accessible to the modern connoisseur of style. This exclusive peek into Bella’s beauty regimen is more than a how-to; it’s an invitation to embody the elegance of retro charm and make it your own. From skincare foundations to the final swipe of lipstick, join us as we unveil Bella Hadid’s secrets to mastering the perfect retro beauty look.

Bella’s Skin Care Secrets

A luminescent base is the canvas of choice for any vintage look, and Bella’s skin care ritual is rooted in the classics. Bella champions the importance of skin that’s not only clear but also has the vibrant glow reminiscent of Old Hollywood.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

Morning Ritual: Awakening the Glow

Bella starts her day with a gentle cleanser, ensuring her skin is fresh and free from overnight build-up. She’s a fan of antioxidant-rich formulas that revive her skin’s natural brightness. After cleansing, she balances her skin with a rosewater toner—her go-to for a quick hydrating fix.

She never skips moisturizer, choosing one that offers lasting hydration without the weight—essential for keeping her skin supple beneath the makeup. And with her often gracing outdoor events, Bella swears by a sunscreen that defends against UVA and UVB rays while doubling as a perfect primer.

Evening Ritual: Restorative Elegance

Bella’s nighttime routine is about healing and hydrating. She indulges in double cleansing to meticulously clear away makeup and impurities, starting with a balm or oil to dissolve makeup, followed by a water-based cleanser to sweep away any residue.

A rejuvenating serum is her star player at night, one with retinol or peptides that work in the silent hours to refine and repair her skin. A luxurious night cream follows, packed with nutrients that help the skin’s natural nighttime recovery process.

Bella Hadid Skincare
Bella Hadid Skincare

Weekly Indulgences: Bella’s Spa Day at Home

Bella cherishes her weekly exfoliation, often using a gentle scrub to keep her skin polished and ready for close-ups. She also enjoys a good face mask session—whether it’s a hydrating sheet mask or a clay-based formula to detoxify and brighten her complexion. These moments of extra care keep her skin in prime condition, reflecting the discipline of a model dedicated to her craft.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

Bella’s Makeup Mastery: The Foundation of Retro Chic

With skin prepped to perfection, Bella turns to makeup to create her signature retro looks, which are often characterized by a flawless complexion, bold brows, and statement lips.

Complexion Perfection: Bella’s Base Essentials

For Bella, it’s about starting with a radiant primer that illuminates her features from the very first step. She chooses a foundation that offers a second-skin effect—never too heavy, blending seamlessly to match her olive undertones. Bella’s application technique is precise; she blends with a beauty sponge for a finish that’s both even and airy.

Concealer is applied with purpose, brightening the under-eye area and concealing any imperfections with a feather-light touch. She’s a fan of creamy formulas that provide coverage without caking. To set everything, Bella dusts on a light, translucent powder, securing the look’s longevity and matte elegance.

Bella Hadid Foundation
Bella Hadid Foundation

Brows and Eyes: Framing the Gaze with Precision

Bella’s brows are iconic in their own right—full, arched, and impeccably groomed. She fills them with a pencil that matches her natural color, using fine strokes to enhance their shape. A hint of highlight beneath the arch gives a lifted effect, true to the trends of bygone eras.

Her eyes are often the focal point, with liquid eyeliner creating the sharp wings that are her signature. Bella plays with textures and colors, often choosing shimmery shadows and liners that reflect the opulence of the 60s and 70s.

Bella’s brows and eyes are a masterclass in precision and elegance, capturing attention and framing her gaze with utmost perfection. Her brows, in particular, are nothing short of iconic. They possess a fullness and arch that effortlessly commands attention, while being meticulously groomed to perfection. Bella pays meticulous attention to detail, using a pencil that matches her natural color to fill in her brows, employing delicate and precise strokes to enhance their already stunning shape.

To add a touch of magic, Bella incorporates a hint of highlight beneath the arch of her brows, creating a lifted effect that pays homage to the timeless trends of bygone eras. This subtle touch not only accentuates her features but also adds a touch of enchantment to her overall look.

However, it is her eyes that truly steal the show. Bella firmly believes in making her eyes the focal point of her makeup routine, and rightfully so. With the skillful use of liquid eyeliner, she effortlessly creates sharp and captivating wings that have become her signature look. These wings are a testament to her artistry, reflecting her bold and confident personality.

In her quest to explore the realms of beauty, Bella fearlessly plays with textures and colors, always pushing boundaries and embracing the spirit of experimentation. She often opts for shimmery shadows and liners, which not only add a touch of glamour but also pay homage to the opulence of the 60s and 70s. These choices reflect her love for vintage aesthetics and her ability to infuse modern trends with a touch of nostalgia.

In summary, Bella’s expertise in shaping and enhancing her brows, combined with her mesmerizing eye makeup choices, sets her apart as a true visionary in the realm of beauty. Her commitment to precision, elegance, and personal expression allows her to create looks that are not only visually stunning but also serve as a canvas for her individuality and creativity. Bella’s brows and eyes are a testament to her passion for beauty and the artistry she brings to every aspect of her makeup routine.

Lips: The Final Retro Flourish

No retro look is complete without the lips, and Bella often opts for bold reds or deep berries that pay homage to the starlets of the past. She prefers a lip liner to define and shape before filling in with a long-wear matte lipstick that won’t budge through photoshoots and runway walks.

Joining forces with her radiant complexion, bold brows, and dramatic eyes, Bella’s lip choices are the cherry on top of her retro-modern fusion.

No retro look is complete without the lips, and Bella, a true fashion icon, understands this perfectly. She effortlessly channels the glamour and sophistication of the starlets from the past by carefully selecting bold reds or deep berries as her go-to lip colors. These shades pay homage to the timeless beauty and elegance that defined the golden era of Hollywood.

To achieve the perfect retro lip, Bella begins by using a lip liner to meticulously define and shape her lips. This step ensures that her lips appear well-defined, enhancing their natural shape and creating a flawless finish. With precision and expertise, she artfully lines her lips, effortlessly capturing the essence of retro beauty.

Once the lip liner has laid the foundation, Bella fills in her lips with a long-wear matte lipstick. This choice of finish not only adds depth and dimension to her lips but also guarantees that her lip color remains intact throughout the demanding hours of photoshoots and runway walks. The longevity of the matte lipstick ensures that Bella can confidently showcase her retro-inspired look without worrying about constant touch-ups.

Bella’s lip choices beautifully complement her radiant complexion, bold brows, and dramatic eyes. They are the cherry on top of her retro-modern fusion, effortlessly tying together her entire look. Her lips become the focal point, exuding confidence and sophistication, while also adding a touch of nostalgia.

In Bella’s hands, her lip choices serve as a powerful tool to transport us to a bygone era, where elegance and glamour reigned supreme. They pay tribute to the iconic starlets of the past, while also showcasing Bella’s own unique interpretation of retro beauty. With each bold red or deep berry shade she selects, Bella captures the essence of the past while embracing the present, creating a timeless and unforgettable style.

Bella Hadid Lipstick
Bella Hadid Lipstick

Wrapping up our journey with Bella Hadid’s beauty routine, we find that it’s more than just a set of instructions; it’s an experience that transcends time. Bella doesn’t just show us the “how” of retro beauty—she embodies its spirit. Adopting her tips is less about replicating a look and more about infusing your style with the same confidence and charm that classic beauty icons once radiated. Let her guidance encourage you to not just apply makeup, but to wear it with an attitude that speaks to the enduring glamour of the past. In your hands, Bella’s retro beauty becomes a personal statement—a chic nod to history, remixed with your own contemporary flair.

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