Hailey Bieber’s Fall Update to Her Viral Strawberry Makeup

Hailey Bieber has once again captured our attention with an updated version of her iconic strawberry makeup, perfect for the autumn season. Known for incorporating delicious themes into her beauty line, Rhode, and her personal style – think glazed donut nails and latte makeup – Hailey’s latest look at the Baby2Baby gala was a delectable blend of seasonal richness and her signature sweet aesthetic.

Photo: Gettyimages
Photo: Gettyimages

The Baby2Baby Gala: A Canvas for Beauty Trends

At the Baby2Baby Gala, an event that’s all about supporting kids in need, Hailey Bieber turned heads with more than just her heart for charity. The event, known for its big hearts and big names, became a runway for the latest beauty trends, and Hailey, as always, was at the forefront. Thanks to her go-to makeup guru, Mary Phillips, she debuted a fresh take on her popular strawberry makeup look, which had already taken Instagram by storm.

Remember that fresh, vibrant strawberry makeup look that was everywhere last summer? Well, it got a cozy, autumnal makeover. Mary Phillips took that summery vibe and dialed it up with some rich, chocolatey tones – think strawberries dipped in a luxurious fondue. It was all about bringing in those deeper, warmer hues to suit the fall season, making the look less picnic-in-the-park and more evening-by-the-fireplace.

This new twist on the strawberry look was a total showstopper at the gala. It was like Hailey walked in and the room just paused to appreciate the makeover. The original pop of strawberry red turned into a sophisticated, indulgent chocolate brown, perfect for the cooler months. It was as if Hailey’s makeup was whispering, “Autumn is here, and it’s cozy time.”

Mary Phillips, the mastermind behind this stunning look, proved once again why she’s a trendsetter in the makeup world. By infusing the classic strawberry with a hint of chocolate, she created a makeup look that was both indulgent and classy. It was a hit not just at the gala, but all over social media, inspiring folks everywhere to get creative with their makeup.

The Baby2Baby Gala turned out to be more than just a night of giving back – it was a showcase of creativity and innovation in beauty. Hailey’s chocolatey strawberry look stood out as a perfect blend of philanthropy and fashion, leaving everyone talking about it long after the gala was over.

Hailey Bieber at Baby2Baby Gala
Hailey Bieber at Baby2Baby Gala

Strawberry Makeup Reimagined: A Richer Palette for Fall

A Burst of Blush

The most striking feature of Hailey’s updated look was the generous application of bright red blush. It swept across her cheekbones, nose, and temples, blending seamlessly with a subtle highlighter to give her skin a radiant, warm glow reminiscent of ripe strawberries.

Subtle Freckles: A Winter Touch

Complementing the blush were faux freckles, a nod to her summer look but pared back, mimicking the natural fading of freckles in winter.

Lips Like Strawberry Jam

Her lips featured a captivating ombré effect: a brighter pink at the center of the lower lip, deepening into a dark, strawberry jam hue towards the edges, all topped off with a glossy sheen.

The Eyes Have It: Adding Mystery and Edge

For her eyes, Hailey opted for a more intricate look than the original strawberry makeup. A thin, subtle cat-eye liner extended from the inner corner into a delicate wing, while multiple coats of mascara added depth and intrigue.

Complementing the Makeup: Hailey’s Gala Ensemble

Hailey’s ensemble for the gala was the epitome of timeless elegance, featuring a classic black dress with side cutouts and a touch of gold in her accessories. Her hairstyle and nail color choice were understated, allowing her makeup to shine as the focal point of her look.

Recreating Hailey’s Fall Strawberry Makeup

1. The Foundation

Start with a dewy base to emulate Hailey’s radiant skin. A light foundation or a tinted moisturizer can be your go-to for this step.

2. The Strawberry Blush

Use a bright red blush and apply generously across the cheekbones, nose, and temples. Blend well for a natural yet bold effect.

3. The Faux Freckles

For the subtle faux freckles, use a fine-tipped eyeliner or a freckle-specific cosmetic pen. Remember, the key is subtlety.

4. The Ombre Lips

Apply a bright pink lipstick at the center of your lower lip, gradually blending into a deeper red towards the edges. Finish off with a clear or slightly tinted gloss for that juicy look.

5. The Eye Makeup

Create a thin cat-eye line starting from the inner corner of your eye. Add volume to your lashes with multiple coats of mascara to complete the eye makeup.

Hailey Bieber at Baby2Baby Gala
Hailey Bieber at Baby2Baby Gala

Final Thoughts: Hailey Bieber as a Beauty Trailblazer

Hailey Bieber’s transformation of her viral strawberry makeup into a fall-appropriate look is a testament to her role as a beauty trailblazer. Her ability to adapt and evolve her signature styles to fit the changing seasons while keeping the essence intact is inspiring. As we embrace the cooler months, Hailey’s latest makeup serves as a perfect guide for those looking to add a touch of sweetness and warmth to their beauty routines. Stay updated with more such beauty trends and inspiration at Stylish.ae, where the world of fashion and beauty comes alive.

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