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The Resurgence of ’90s Makeup Trends: Tips and Recommendations from Makeup Artists

In this article, we’ll be discussing the resurgence of ’90s makeup trends in 2023. You’ll learn about popular trends like frosted eye shadows, brown lipstick, and allover body glitter. Makeup artists will provide tips and recommendations on how to update and pull off these trends in a modern and wearable way. We’ll also talk about how celebrities like Drew Barrymore, J.Lo, Brandy, and Cameron Diaz influenced these trends in the ’90s. Plus, you’ll find recommendations for products from popular brands to achieve these nostalgic looks. So, let’s get started and embrace the ’90s vibes in our makeup routines!

The Resurgence of ’90s Makeup Trends: Tips and Recommendations from Makeup Artists

The ’90s was an era known for its bold and distinctive makeup trends, and it seems that these iconic looks are making a comeback in 2023. From frosted eye shadows to grungy, smoky eyes, the ’90s makeup trends are once again taking center stage. In this article, we will explore the resurgence of these trends, provide tips from makeup artists on updating them for the modern era, and recommend products to help you achieve these nostalgic looks.

Popular ’90s Makeup Trends Making a Comeback in 2023

As we delve into the world of ’90s makeup, it’s important to understand the key trends that are reemerging. Here are some of the most popular ’90s makeup trends that are making a comeback in 2023:

Frosted Eye Shadows

Frosted eye shadows were a staple of ’90s makeup. These shimmery shadows brought a touch of glamour to any look and added dimension to the eyes. To achieve a trendy and modern look, makeup artists recommend selecting neutral shades with a subtle shimmer and pairing them with matte shadows for balance.

Brown Lipstick

Brown lipstick was another iconic trend of the ’90s. This nostalgic shade can be embraced with a modern twist by choosing the right shade for your skin tone. Makeup artists suggest opting for warm, rich browns for deeper skin tones and lighter, more nude browns for fairer complexions. The key to pulling off this trend is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal and let your lips take center stage.

Sultry Black Tightliner

The sultry black tightliner look was a signature of ’90s makeup. This technique involved applying black eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible to create the illusion of fuller lashes and a more defined eye shape. To recreate this iconic look, makeup artists recommend using a waterproof gel or pencil liner for precision and long-lasting wear.

Ultra-Lined Lips

Bold and defined lips were a staple of ’90s makeup, and the trend of ultra-lined lips is making a comeback. To achieve this look, makeup artists suggest using a lip liner in a shade slightly darker than your lipstick and carefully lining and filling in your lips. This technique creates a more defined and long-lasting lip look.

Allover Body Glitter

The ’90s were all about sparkle and shine, and allover body glitter was a popular trend during that time. To add some glam and sparkle to your makeup, makeup artists recommend using finely milled glitter or shimmering body oils on areas like the collarbones, shoulders, and décolletage. The key is to apply the glitter strategically to avoid looking overly glittery.

Lacquered Lip Gloss

Lacquered lip gloss was a staple of ’90s makeup, and its youthful charm is making a comeback. To achieve the glossy and plump lip look, makeup artists suggest applying a high-shine lip gloss with a doe-foot applicator or a lip brush. Opt for clear gloss or select shades that are closest to your natural lip color for a more subtle and refined look.

Bleached Brows

The ’90s were all about experimentation, and bleached brows were an edgy and unconventional trend during that time. If you’re feeling daring, you can recreate this trend by bleaching your brows. However, it’s important to note that bleaching brows requires caution and proper technique. If you’re not ready to commit to bleaching, there are alternative options like using brow gels or brow pencils in lighter shades to achieve a similar effect.

Peachy Pink Lips

For those who prefer a softer and more feminine look, peachy pink lips were a popular choice in the ’90s. The subtle and flattering hue can be achieved by selecting lipsticks or lip glosses in peachy or pinky-nude shades. Makeup artists recommend pairing this lip look with light, natural-looking eye makeup to keep the focus on your lips.

Grungy, Smoky Eye

The grungy, smoky eye was quintessential to ’90s makeup and is still a sought-after look today. To recreate this rebellious aesthetic, use deep, smoky shades like charcoal, plum, or navy and blend them out to create a hazy effect. Makeup artists also suggest skipping sharp eyeliner and opting for blended smudges along the lash line for a more diffused and grungy look.

Blue Eye Shadow

Reviving the vibrant and playful trend of blue eye shadow allows you to experiment with bold and colorful looks. To prevent the blue shadow from looking dated, makeup artists recommend pairing it with neutral shades and keeping the rest of the face minimal for a more modern interpretation of the trend.


Influence of Celebrities in Popularizing ’90s Makeup Trends

Celebrities played a significant role in popularizing ’90s makeup trends, making them even more iconic. Here are some of the influential celebrities who were at the forefront of these trends:

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was renowned for her ethereal beauty and was among the first to embrace ’90s makeup trends. Her signature looks, such as soft berry lips and frosted eye shadows, made her an icon of the era.


Jennifer Lopez, often referred to as J.Lo, was a style icon and trendsetter in the ’90s. Her radiant and bronzed skin, glossy lips, and long lashes became synonymous with the era and continue to inspire makeup enthusiasts today.


Brandy’s impact on ’90s makeup trends cannot be overlooked. Her dewy skin, glossy lips, and expertly lined eyes set trends that are still celebrated today. Brandy’s makeup looks continue to serve as a reference for those seeking to recreate iconic ’90s beauty.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz’s fresh-faced and minimalistic approach to makeup epitomized the effortless ’90s aesthetic. Her natural beauty and glowing skin inspired many to embrace a more pared-down look, focusing on enhancing their features without heavy makeup.

Tips from Makeup Artists on Updating ’90s Trends

When it comes to updating ’90s makeup trends for the modern era, makeup artists have plenty of valuable advice to offer. Here are some tips to help you navigate these trends and achieve a modern and wearable look:

Understanding the Challenges of Adapting ’90s Trends to the Modern Era

It’s important to recognize that not all ’90s makeup trends will seamlessly translate to the present day. Makeup artists emphasize the importance of adapting these trends to suit your individual style and preferences. For example, instead of recreating a full face of heavy foundation, opt for a lightweight, natural-looking base that enhances your skin’s glow.

Makeup Artist-Recommended Techniques for a Modern ’90s Look

Makeup artists suggest blending ’90s trends with modern techniques to create a fresh and updated look. For example, when creating a smoky eye, focus on blending and diffusing the shadows for a more modern and seamless effect. Instead of relying solely on black eyeliner, try experimenting with different shades to add depth and interest to your eye looks.

Balancing Nostalgia and Current Makeup Preferences

While it’s fun to embrace the nostalgia of ’90s makeup trends, it’s essential to strike a balance and consider your current makeup preferences. If you prefer a more natural look, incorporate elements of ’90s makeup trends like glossy lips or a subtle wash of color on the lids. Remember to adapt these trends to fit your personal style and comfort level.

Tips for Creating Wearable and Versatile ’90s-Inspired Makeup

To make ’90s makeup trends wearable and versatile, it’s crucial to think about the occasion and intensity of the look you want to achieve. If you’re aiming for a daytime-appropriate appearance, focus on one statement element, such as bold lips or defined eyes, and keep the rest of your makeup minimal. For evening or special occasions, you can be bolder and experiment with more intense colors and techniques.

The Resurgence of 90s Makeup Trends: Tips and Recommendations from Makeup Artists

Recommendations for Achieving ’90s Makeup Looks

Now that you’re armed with tips from makeup artists, it’s time to explore the products that will help you achieve these ’90s makeup looks. Here are some recommendations from trusted brands:

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup offers a range of products that are perfect for ’90s makeup enthusiasts. From their shimmering eye pigments to their high-shine lip products, Milk Makeup provides the essentials for achieving a nostalgic look.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is synonymous with timeless classics, and their collection includes several products that are perfect for a ’90s-inspired look. Their matte lipsticks, neutral eye shadow palettes, and long-wearing gel eyeliners are essentials for capturing the essence of ’90s makeup.


If you’re looking for luxury beauty products to achieve a sophisticated ’90s aesthetic, Chanel has you covered. Their lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadow palettes offer a range of shades that can recreate iconic ’90s looks with a touch of elegance.

Nyx Professional Makeup

Nyx Professional Makeup is known for its affordable and high-quality products. Their extensive range of lip liners, eyeliners, and eye shadows provides a wide array of shades and textures to help you create versatile ’90s makeup looks.


ColourPop is a brand that celebrates vibrant and playful makeup. Their collection of eye shadows, lip products, and glitter gels allows you to experiment with a wide range of ’90s-inspired looks while maintaining a budget-friendly approach.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s brand, Fenty Beauty, offers a range of inclusive and ’90s-inspired products. From their glossy lip products to their eyeshadow palettes, Fenty Beauty provides options that cater to various skin tones and preferences.

Tower 28

If you’re looking for clean and natural makeup options to achieve a ’90s aesthetic, Tower 28 is the brand for you. Their lip glosses, bronzers, and highlighters provide a subtle and fresh take on ’90s makeup.

Rhode Skin

Rhode Skin is an indie brand that offers ’90s-inspired makeup options. From their earthy eyeshadow palettes to their lip tints, Rhode Skin delivers products that evoke the grunge and minimalism of the ’90s.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is renowned for its iconic products that can help you achieve the perfect ’90s glam look. Their mascaras, bronzers, and blushes are staples for enhancing your features and adding a touch of vintage glamour.

Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty offers elegant and refined makeup choices that are perfect for recreating ’90s looks with a modern twist. Their lipsticks, foundations, and eyeshadows provide a luxurious touch to your makeup routine.

Urban Decay

To channel the edgy and bold ’90s aesthetic, Urban Decay is the go-to brand. Their eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner pencils, and lip products offer a wide range of shades and finishes to accomplish the rebellious looks of the ’90s.

Charlotte Tilbury

As a celebrity-favorite brand, Charlotte Tilbury provides the tools and products necessary to achieve stunning ’90s makeup looks. From their lipsticks to their eyeshadow quads, Charlotte Tilbury offers options that allow you to embrace the glamour and elegance of the ’90s.

The Resurgence of 90s Makeup Trends: Tips and Recommendations from Makeup Artists


The resurgence of ’90s makeup trends is proof that timeless beauty looks never truly go out of style. By updating and adapting these trends for the modern era, you can create looks that are both nostalgic and fresh. Remember, makeup is a form of self-expression, and it’s important to have fun and experiment with different techniques and products. Whether you rock frosted eye shadows, embrace the boldness of ultra-lined lips, or add a touch of sparkle with allover body glitter, these ’90s makeup trends offer endless possibilities to express your unique style and personality.


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