Emma Chamberlain’s Cherry Red Makeup Trend

Emma Chamberlain, the Gen Z icon known for her quirky and adventurous style, has taken her fashion game to dazzling new heights. Once the laid-back YouTube sensation synonymous with teddy bear jackets and platform Doc Martens, Emma’s recent transformation into a high-fashion muse is nothing short of spectacular. Her appearance at the CFDA awards on November 8th was a testament to this evolution, showcasing not just a stunning outfit but also a makeup look that perfectly captures current beauty trends.

From Casual-Cute to Couture

Emma’s journey from casual YouTube outfits to striking haute couture has been remarkable. Her ability to traverse the realms of high fashion and designer ensembles has established her as a fashion industry darling. At the CFDA awards, she offered a glimpse into this new world, flaunting an edgy yet opulent gown that signified her bold leap into sophisticated fashion.

From her humble beginnings as a casual YouTube fashionista, Emma’s evolution into a true couture icon has been nothing short of extraordinary. With each step she took, Emma effortlessly transcended the boundaries of everyday style, firmly establishing herself as a beloved figure within the fashion industry.

But it was at the highly prestigious CFDA awards where Emma truly showcased her unyielding dedication to pushing fashion boundaries. As she graced the red carpet, all eyes were drawn to her mesmerizing presence, adorned in a gown that effortlessly blended edginess with opulence.

The intricate details of her ensemble spoke volumes about her fearless journey towards sophistication. The gown, tailored to perfection, embraced her figure with a daring silhouette that exuded confidence and elegance. Embellished with exquisite embroidery and delicate beadwork, it was a testament to Emma’s meticulous attention to detail and her refusal to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

With her head held high and an air of confidence surrounding her, Emma’s bold leap into the realm of sophisticated fashion was undeniable. The gown’s edgy elements, such as daring cutouts and unexpected asymmetry, showcased her willingness to break free from the confines of convention, fearlessly embracing avant-garde designs.

Yet, amidst the audacity of her outfit, there was an undeniable sense of opulence that emanated from her every move. The luxurious fabric draped around her gracefully, its rich hues and sumptuous texture speaking to the grandeur of haute couture. Emma’s choice of accessories, from her statement jewelry to her impeccably styled hair and makeup, further emphasized her transformation into a high fashion maven.

As Emma confidently walked the red carpet, she captured the attention of the fashion elite and cemented her status as a true industry darling. Her journey from casual-cute to couture was not just a physical transformation, but a reflection of her unwavering determination to pursue her passion and leave an indelible mark on the fashion world.

Emma’s evolution serves as an inspiration to aspiring fashion enthusiasts, reminding them that with dedication and a fearless spirit, one can transcend expectations and redefine their own style narrative. Her remarkable journey from casual YouTube outfits to striking haute couture is a testament to the power of self-expression and the endless possibilities that lie within the realm of fashion.

Chamberlain’s CFDA Look: A Study in Contrasts

Emma’s outfit for the CFDA awards was a stunning Thom Browne creation—a strapless off-the-shoulder gown that played with optical illusions and featured a peekaboo cutout, mimicking a minidress. The gown’s structured form, cinched waist, and hourglass silhouette, coupled with a hint of shine, made a striking statement.

Makeup Magic: Cherry Red Elegance

It wasn’t just the dress that caught the eye; Emma’s makeup was a masterclass in trend-setting beauty. She sported dewy, hydrated skin with a subtle highlighter accentuating her cheekbones and temples. The standout feature was her dark cherry eye makeup—bold and expansive, stretching from the inner corners of her eyes to the temples and under her lower lashes. This moody, intense color perfectly contrasted her bright blue eyes, adding depth and drama to her look. A coat of black mascara added further intensity, while her orange-red lipstick mirrored her eyeshadow, creating a cohesive and striking aesthetic.

The Cherry Red Trend: Playful and Edgy

Cherry red has emerged as a dominant trend in beauty and fashion as the weather cools down. Its versatility makes it a favorite for everything from runway shows to nail art, even inspiring celebrities like Megan Fox to embrace the color. Cherry red’s allure lies in its ability to be playful, sexy, and sophisticated—all at once.

With the arrival of cooler weather, the captivating and vibrant cherry red trend has taken the beauty and fashion industry by storm, establishing itself as a dominant force. This fiery hue has transcended boundaries and proven its versatility, making it an irrefutable favorite among fashion enthusiasts and beauty gurus alike. From dazzling runway shows to meticulously crafted nail art designs, cherry red has become an irresistible muse, captivating the attention of all who encounter its mesmerizing allure.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this trend is its ability to inspire and captivate celebrities, with notable figures like the stunning Megan Fox readily embracing the color. With her effortless style and undeniable charm, Fox effortlessly demonstrates the transformative power of cherry red, elevating her look to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

What truly sets cherry red apart is its inherent ability to evoke a sense of playfulness, sexiness, and sophistication simultaneously. Its vibrant and vivacious tones effortlessly inject a burst of energy into any outfit or beauty look, instantly transforming the wearer into a confident and alluring individual. Whether it’s a striking red lip that exudes boldness and passion or a chic cherry red dress that emanates glamour and femininity, this trend unleashes a sizzling confidence that is impossible to ignore.

In the realm of beauty, cherry red has become a symbol of empowerment and self-expression. Its daring and audacious nature encourages individuals to embrace their unique style and unleash their inner fire. From eye-catching manicures adorned with cherry red polish to dramatic eyeshadow looks that exude fierce intensity, this trend has proven that it has the power to ignite creativity and spark a sense of adventure within all who dare to embrace it.

Sleek Hair to Complement the Look

To balance the boldness of her makeup and gown, Emma chose a simple yet elegant hairstyle. Her hair, parted down the middle and slicked back, was tied with a black ribbon into a long, flowing ponytail. This understated style ensured that all eyes remained on her makeup and dress, highlighting her ability to blend simplicity with high fashion.


Emma Chamberlain’s transformation from a casual YouTube persona to a fashion icon is a testament to her fearless approach to style. Her look at the CFDA awards was not just a personal triumph but also a reflection of her journey in the fashion world. As she continues to experiment and evolve, Emma remains a source of inspiration, proving that style is not just about clothes but an expression of individuality and daring.

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