$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing

Hey there! Get ready for an exciting video titled “$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing” by Tati Westbrook. In this video, Tati and James take us through a huge PR unboxing where they open and review various makeup and skincare products from different brands. They also share Tati’s new PR mailing address and social media accounts. The video is non-sponsored and there are no affiliate links. Tati wraps it up by thanking viewers for watching and inviting them to explore her collection of makeup review videos. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a thrilling unboxing experience with Tati and James!

Title: $5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing


Welcome to another exciting PR unboxing video! In this episode, we join the fabulous Tati Westbrook as she unveils a whopping $5,000 worth of free makeup. If you’re a makeup enthusiast or simply enjoy the thrill of unboxing videos, this one is a must-watch. Tati, known for her honest and thorough reviews, takes us on a journey through a treasure trove of cosmetics, sharing her genuine thoughts and reactions along the way.

$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing

Summary of the Video Content

In this particular video, Tati unveils a massive PR package filled to the brim with beauty products. To add even more excitement, she is joined by her colleague, James, who provides an extra layer of fun and commentary throughout the unboxing. Together, they explore the wide variety of makeup brands and products, sharing their initial reactions and opinions on each item. The total value of the makeup received in this package amounts to an impressive $5,000, making it a truly special unboxing experience.

Tati’s New PR Mailing Address and Social Media Accounts

If you’re a brand looking to send Tati products for potential review or collaboration, she will now be receiving PR packages at her updated mailing address. Be sure to check the video description for the correct information. Additionally, Tati encourages you to follow her on social media for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and sneak peeks into upcoming videos. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter with the handle “@TatiWestbrook”.

$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing

Video Sponsorship and Affiliate Links

Transparency is of utmost importance to Tati, which is why she openly states that this video is not sponsored. She wants her viewers to know that her opinions are genuine and unbiased. Furthermore, in the interest of complete honesty, Tati confirms that there are no affiliate links in the video description. When she recommends a product, it is purely because of her personal feelings towards it.

Thanking the Viewers and Invitation to Check Out Other Videos

Tati extends her heartfelt thanks to her viewers for taking the time to watch her PR unboxing video. She understands the abundance of content available online and is grateful for the support. In the video, she invites you to explore her collection of makeup review videos, where she provides in-depth analysis on various brands and products. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a beauty guru, there’s something for everyone in Tati’s video collection.

$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing

Discussion on the PR Unboxing Series

The PR unboxing series has been a staple on Tati’s channel since 2017, and it has steadily grown in popularity ever since. Tati reflects on the number of episodes she has done throughout the years, highlighting the immense support from her loyal viewers. She expresses her excitement and gratitude for being able to share these unboxing experiences with her audience, emphasizing the joy it brings her to review and discuss new beauty products.

Excitement and Reactions to the Unboxing

As Tati begins unpacking the products, you can feel her genuine excitement radiating through the screen. She can hardly contain herself as she unveils each item, commenting on its packaging, colors, and potential uses. James, her fun-loving colleague, joins in with his own delightful reactions and playful banter. Their chemistry and enthusiasm make the unboxing experience even more enjoyable to watch.

$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing

Unboxing and Reviewing Products from Different Brands

Throughout the video, Tati delves into the specifics of each brand’s products. From a new Dyson attachment to innovative cosmetics from a popular brand, she takes the time to review and evaluate their performance. Tati shares her honest thoughts on the quality, effectiveness, and overall experience of using each product. Her expertise and attention to detail bring valuable insights to anyone considering these items for their own makeup collection.

Mention of Personal Preferences and Experiences

Tati understands that everyone’s preferences and experiences with makeup vary. As she reviews each product, she takes into account her own skin type, tone, and personal style. While expressing her thoughts, she also encourages her viewers to consider their own unique needs and desires when exploring these makeup options. Tati believes that individuality should be celebrated and that makeup is a form of self-expression, tailored to suit each person’s tastes.

$5,000 of Free Makeup | PR Unboxing

Personal Anecdotes and Jokes

Keeping the video lighthearted and fun, Tati interjects personal anecdotes and jokes throughout the unboxing process. As she unwraps each product, she may share a funny story or reminisce about a similar experience she’s had in the past. Tati’s warm and friendly tone, combined with her delightful sense of humor, make the video engaging and entertaining to watch.

Encouragement to Support and Engage with the Video

As the PR unboxing video comes to a close, Tati thanks her viewers once again for their support and encourages them to engage with the content. She urges her audience to like, comment, and share the video if they enjoyed it, as these interactions help grow her channel and create a supportive community. Tati values her viewers’ opinions and encourages them to share their thoughts and recommendations for future videos, fostering a sense of collaboration and connection.


In summary, Tati Westbrook’s PR unboxing video is a delightful journey through a treasure trove of makeup products. With her genuine excitement, honest reviews, and lighthearted banter, Tati creates an engaging and informative viewing experience. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or someone looking for honest opinions on popular beauty brands, this video is a must-watch. Be sure to check out Tati’s other makeup review videos and join her supportive community of beauty lovers. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the fun-filled PR unboxing adventure with Tati and James.

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